February 26, 2010
Paper is one of the most versatile materials on earth.  Whether it's newsprint, printing and writing papers, packaging, household, or even GREETING CARDS, paper is part of the everyday fabric of life. 
Avanti's Paper Energy Story
The paper production process requires large amounts of energy but is growing increasingly sustainable.  There is virtually no waste of the material coming in and many bio-energy sources are used to generate power for the mills.  The paper used for Avanti comes from a mill that runs on bio-fuels and is 100% fossil-fuel free.
The pulp and paper industry has reduced its energy consumption substantially in the last 25 years.  Paper mills have dramatically improved their overall environmental performance with one of the most significant changes being the elimination of elemental chlorine from the pulp bleaching process.  The recycled paper used for Avanti comes from a mill that uses no elemental chlorine in the manufacturing process.
Additionally, paper mills can choose to harvest wood fiber from sustainably managed forests, earning certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  The paper used for Avanti comes from a mill that is FSC-certified.
Avanti's Paper Product Facts 
  • 30-35% total Recycled content
  • Minimum of 10% Post consumer Recycled content.  
  • Processed chlorine-free. 
  • White ED Avanti Envelopes: 20% post consumer recycled content.
  • Colored ED Envelopes: 20% post consumer recycled content.
  • Spring Seasonal Envelopes: 20% post consumer recycled content. 
  • Fall and Halloween Envelopes: 50% total recycled content with 30% post consumer content.
  • All sales and marketing materials, including memos, flyers and catalogs: 30% post-consumer recycled.
Saving Trees
Nearly 57% of paper consumed in the US was recovered for recycling in 2008 which means the paper industry was able to buy that recovered paper fiber and use it in paper production.  
Compared to using 100% virgin fiber, paper made with 30% recovered fiber requires 10% less energy and produces 25% less wastewater and 6% less greenhouse gas emissions.  
Avanti not only uses many varieties of recycled paper for products, but actively recycles used materials to play a positive role in the cycle of reuse.

A paper glossary

Post-consumer waste (PCW) A paper or board product that has completed its lifecycle as a consumer item and would otherwise be disposed of as solid waste unless recovered.  Post-consumer materials used in the manufacture of recycled fiber include office paper, cardboard, newspapers and magazines.  Post-consumer printed materials need to be "washed" of ink using a bleaching process before they can be reused.

Processed Chlorine Free refers to the elimination of elemental chlorine from the bleaching process (ECF) or Elemental Chlorine Free; elimination of all chlorine-containing compounds from the bleaching process is totally chlorine free (TCF) 

Recovered Fiber is paper and board collected through commercial, residential, and industrial recycling programs for reuse as a raw material in paper and board manufacture


Recycled Fiber is recovered fibers, previously used in paper and board products, incorporated into new products


Recycled paper has recycled fiber content, ranging from 10% to 100% of the total make-up of the paper and it can be recovered fiber from post-consumer waste or recycled fiber from the papermaking waste.


FSC - Forest Stewardship Council  An FSC certification indicates that a product was created using responsible forest management practices.



Stay green,

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                     OUR MISSION 
Our mission is to promote, support and measure sustainability throughout Avanti and Omnigraphics and to insure that each strategic decision takes into account its current and future impact on our environment.