Today we are launching Avanti's sustainability initiative. The goal of this initiative is to develop and promote Avanti's environmental awareness and responsibility.  Sharing information that leads to genuine changes in behavior will be an ongoing priority for our company.  Here are a few ways in which this initiative is taking shape:

  • Our public website includes a new page devoted entirely to Avanti's goal to "live green".  This page will be updated with statistics, facts and photos relating to Avanti's ongoing efforts towards sustainability.  Click here to go directly to this page:  LIVE GREEN

  • The BRIGHT IDEAS sustainability e-letter will regularly promote environmental awareness issues. It will be a fact-based information source, helping you understand and articulate Avanti's sustainability initiative.

  • The sustainability steering committee will provide resources you can use in your daily work and personal life.  They will also arrange and promote opportunities to live green on a local level.

Your participation is important.  We're starting this initiative with a quick survey to help gauge the areas that are most important to you:


Thanks for taking the time to participate in this initiative,


avanti recycled
Avanti has always been dedicated to creating relevant products with the highest standards of quality and integrity.  Over a decade ago, we began printing on paper with recycled content.  We use vegetable oil based inks that are 100% solvent free, and our UV inks are VOC-free.  We recycle returned products and paper used during the course of business.  But even though sustainability has always been one of our core values, we can do more. 

The BRIGHT IDEAS survey and e-letter are offered by Avanti's sustainability steering committee.  Please see them at any time with your suggestions and comments as we all move this effort forward. 
They are:  Matt Gall, Alana Glantz, Charlotte Hill, Athena Inempolidis, Cal Kerr, Dave Phipps, Liza Pulgini and Nick Tritt.
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