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January 2012
Mark2 Hiring for Fit...to What? 
Strategic Interviewing and Organizational Culture


I wrote this article several years ago but felt it was time to re-introduce it.  I'm seeing hiring beginning again as organizations that survived this latest economic roller-coaster begin to staff up for growth.  Many companies I work with have made painful downsizing decisions the last few years and are now just beginning to consider how to add staff going forward.  Making a successful hire is more critical than ever as the impacts of making a bad or even disastrous choice can wreck the future of an organization in recovery.  


However, even before creating a hiring requisition or placing that hiring ad, I urge organizational leaders to take a good, hard look at their operating culture to understand the way things really get done.  Oftentimes, organizational leaders discover that their operating culture is getting in the way of achieving business success and this can seriously disable a new hire's chances to succeed on the job.   


A good starting point is to ask yourself questions like these:

  • What type of culture do we need to truly maximize the efficiency of our operations?
  • How do we change the work environment to get creative solutions to issues?
  • What behaviors should we expect from our staff to support achieving our business objectives, enhancing customer service and dealing with one another effectively?

So once these questions are answered, how do organizational leaders go about adding NEW staff, especially those in key positions of influence with staff, customers and suppliers? 


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Emotional Intelligence in Business
by guest author Barbara Rubin-Greenberg, ACC of Rubin Greenberg Coaching & Consulting

Where does Emotional Intelligence show up in business?  Here are some all too familiar business scenarios - deep cuts that mean many employees will be let go, or, perhaps, a rumor floats that the business is going under, or there are complaints of an arrogant manager or an employee who keeps blowing up, or a conflict between business partners. As a business leader you may face these issues.  Will it be your IQ or your EQ (emotional intelligence) that makes the difference as you move to a better future?   


  "We should take care to not make the intellect our god.  It has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.  It cannot lead, it can only serve." Albert Einstein.  Emotions are the very root of everything we do...the origin of every action beyond a reflex. Our emotions, whether recognized or not, are most often in charge!


What is EQ?  Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of your own emotions and those of others AND relating to others in intentional and healthy ways in a variety of contexts and roles even when under stress or challenged.


The Bottom Line and EQEmotional Intelligence impacts business productivity and success, makes a difference in navigating change or trying to bring the business vision to life.  Employee and Leader productivity, retention, and long-term success are all related to the strength of emotional intelligence capacities.  For example:  At L'Oreal salespeople selected based on EQ competencies outsold others by over $91K; In top leadership positions EQ accounts for 80%+ of the difference between the best and average performers; and Insurance agents strong in at least 5 of 8 key emotional competencies sold twice the volume of agents weak in emotional competencies


The Good News: EQ fitness can be intentionally developed just as we can improve and maintain physical fitness.   

Read the full article.

Barbara Rubin-Greenberg is certified by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara as an Executive Leadership Coach.  She is known for guiding clients through a customized process of assessment, clarity, action and alignment of personal and professional goals to bring their vision to life. Visit her website at   www.rubingreenberg.com


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