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November, 2010
Mark2 Don't Blame it on The Corporation

The term, "Corporation" often gets a bum rap.  When things go poorly, it's The Corporation's fault.  When it's a tough place to work, The Corporation is to blame.  Conversely, The Corporation is a good neighbor when it sponsors a softball team, charitable drive or community event.

But The Corporation doesn't exist except as a legal and tax entity.  It does not make decisions, promote agendas, enact strategies, hire workers with disabilities, or pollute the environment.  The Corporation can't do these things because it has no brain or conscience or even a body.

PEOPLE comprise a corporation for the purpose of doing or achieving something.  People make decisions, are good or bad bosses, use toxic chemicals, and build bridges that stand the test of time (or fall down).  Blaming a corporation for causing the world's ills or giving it credit for making it a better place is misplaced and misguided.

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Securing Healthcare

by guest contributor Anne Andreason of A&A Insurance


Now that the Mid-Term Election of 2011 has been decided it is no secret things are going to change again in regards to healthcare. I would encourage every reader to think about their responsibilities in regards to healthcare. Consider what a health plan would look like and then be vocal. Write a letter to your Representative or Congressperson or make a phone call because most of the recently passed bill is back on the table for discussion. In regards to that bill, if you didn't like some or all of it or even if you did; having your opinions heard at this time would be advisable.

Employer Groups large and small have been thinking about the healthcare bill in regards to their benefits plans not only for the benefits but also from a tax and reporting obligation point of view. The bill added costs for Employers in many situations. Their Employees have been thinking about it from a benefit standpoint and at times those two positions are in turmoil because of cost. What was lost in the last discussion is that everyone wants the same thing. Employers want to feel as if they have provided the best plans for their Employees and Employees want the best plans for their families.

The view from the provider, care systems and insurance carriers are somewhat different however, what is important is for everyone to take responsibility for their part in the picture. There is a common ground if we all work together. Waste is one item we should be considering first. Individuals make personal choices and demand services and drugs not necessarily needed or that could be avoided because of lifestyle choices. Providers and care systems are providing services and drugs in defense or because of lifestyle choices and insurance carriers pay claims and charge premiums to meet claim demands. There is responsibility on all sides of the equation.

So let's all set some common goals from the beginning so we create perimeters that are good for all. Compassionate, competent care is needed by everyone at some point in time and a stable healthcare system benefits everyone.

Anne Andreason is president of A&A Insurance Services, Inc. - a full service independent insurance agency providing planning for employer groups and individuals.  Anne can be reached at 763-476-6033www.a-a-insurance.com.

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