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August, 2010
Mark2 For-profits and Non-profits: Similar or Different?

I often run into the perspective that non-profit businesses are very different than for-profits and therefore need a keen understanding of their situations and special handling.  It turns out that I usually hear these thoughts from those who work for or lead non-profit organizations.  So I thought it would be useful to consider the typical parameters that characterize a for-profit business and see if they apply to non-profits.  Every business or organization has its unique situations, markets or ways of doing business but I maintain that the similarities far outnumber the differences.

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A New Approach for Growing Employee Capabilities - BASA!

by guest contributors Elaine Pattison and Gary Jedynak


Behaviorally Anchored Self Assessment (BASA) is a robust approach which improves performance reviews and all aspects of setting and increasing wages. Quick, accurate, and much more readable, BASA has been accepted as a standard for assessing technical performance.  It will replace prior systems comfortably and is seen as fair even if some people do not get the raises they had hoped.  Whether you are in manufacturing or service, employee training and capability must be more measurable and result in shorter cycle time with less waste.


Increased performance is more achievable with increased collaboration -essential in today's workplace. BASA is not only collaboratively created but increases day-to-day collaboration between workers and thus makes for more effective processes. For example, multi-shift operations have more frequent language and training issues directly impacting process communications between shifts. BASA deals with these problems in a highly collaborative way.  When difficulties do arise, BASA is likely to be more legally defensive due to its non-judgmental approach.

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Elaine Pattison and Gary Jedynak are co-founders of Summerhill Associates, an HR consulting company helping organizations to maximize their Human Resources ROI.  Elaine can be reached at [email protected] or 952-250-4507.  Gary can be reached at [email protected]

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