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September, 2009
Mark2 What Do You Mean By "Quality?"

When I talk with business owners about their product or service offerings or their company vision and values, I often hear them speak about quality.  They say things like:

"We offer quality products"

"Quality is important to us"

"We're known for our quality"

When I ask them what they mean by the word "quality," they get stuck.  I think this has become a word whose meaning is so assumed by everyone that it's become hard to define.

To some, quality means their business manufactures parts that don't break apart right out of the box or that they work the first time they're used.  To others, quality refers to flawless workmanship in installation or using cost effective materials that stand up over time.

Reasonable companies don't set out to sell products that don't work, don't fit, or fall apart during the first year of (normal) use.  Warranties are supposed to make us consumers feel assured that the manufactures stand behind their work.

And besides, doesn't EVERYONE offer quality goods and services?

So what are we talking about here? 

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Do Your Homework on Patents

by guest contributor Walter K. (Kevin) Roloff, esq.

Several years ago a fellow invented a nifty device.  He was very enthused about his invention and was convinced that nothing like it existed.  He was sure that his invention would generate large sales and handsome profits.  The prior art was searched and indeed nothing like it was found.  So, a patent application was filed and he patiently waited for the first Office Action (the first response to his patent application) from the US Patent and Trademark Office Examiner.

Well, guess what?  Patent denied!  Want to know what happened and why?  Read the full article.

Walter K. (Kevin) Roloff is a Registered U.S. Patent Attorney and Intellectual Property Law Counsel.  He can be reached at [email protected] or 651-481-8634.

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