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November, 2008
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Business owners often think of themselves last as they tend to their companies.  When I say that, I'm thinking about the owner who rarely takes a vacation, works nights and weekends, and who maybe doesn't even take a personal paycheck so that they can make payroll for their employees.  Given those things, you might think that owners are little more than volunteers donating their time, money, and credit score to ensure a place to work for their staffs.

In my opinion, the business should be a vehicle for taking the owner where he or she wants to go and not the other way around.  To clarify - I have worked with many clients over the years where "The Business" becomes "The Boss" and dictates to the owner where he or she should spend their time.  The result?  Oftentimes, the list includes stress, dissatisfaction, lack of focus, and even physical and mental health issues.  Some business owners have told me they feel trapped by the very thing they created and helpless to back away.  Some report feeling guilty for even having those thoughts.  The mantle of responsibility weighs heavily at times with customers, vendors, employees, family, even the bank needing attention and making demands.  The owner's lament becomes, "So how do I get what I want?"  Well, there is a way.

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Corporate Wellness Works for You

by guest contributor Joe Byrd of Byrd Wellness Concepts

Health care costs have been on the rise for years.  In fact, businesses are spending as much as 40% of their payroll on health benefits for their employees.  This is alarming but there is a solution.  Many businesses are now taking a proactive approach to employee health.  It's called corporate wellness and it's becoming a hot topic in business today.  Why?  Because it works.  It's no secret that the healthier you are, the lower your health care costs will be.  Therefore, the healthier your employees are, the lower the health care costs will be for your business.

Many businesses are finding that by taking control of employee health, they are better able to control their health care spending.  In fact, according to a study by Aurora Healthcare, employers can expect to save from $2.5 to $4 for every dollar invested in wellness programs.  This savings comes from many areas including lower medical claims (26% reduction) and increased productivity.  The average employer spends an extra $1,685 per employee every year due to absenteeism, low productivity and other direct individual and family health situations.

Businesses are also realizing many other benefits in the process.  While the bottom line is important, many bonuses result from providing healthy options for your employees.  For one, they are more satisfied with their jobs.  When companies provide workers with tools to improve health, they will not only take advantage of it, but also appreciate the added benefits being provided.  For that reason, wellness can help employers not only retain good employees, but also attract more good employees - especially those looking to join businesses that care about them, beyond the skills they bring to the job.

Wellness helps businesses save money and helps employees change their lives for the better.  In other words, everyone wins.  So who does corporate wellness work for?  If you are a business owner, then it works for you.

Joe Byrd is a Health and Wellness Consultant working with small businesses to create healthy cultures.  His clients not only save money but they develop their most valuable asset: their people.  Through awareness, education, motivation, and support, he helps companies invest and see a return in multiple areas.  Joe is an expert at designing customized programming for your people to allow your business to move forward successfully. 

You can contact Joe at 763-450-0604 or by email at [email protected]  Click here visit his website.

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