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August 2011
Av 5771
The Ramah Post-Camp Season:
Hosting Programs of Innovation and Inspiration
:: Family Camps for Families with Children with Special Needs
:: Family Camps
:: Ramah Alumni Events
:: Year-Round Conference Centers and Pesach Retreats
:: LimmudFest 2011
:: Conservative Synagogue and School Retreats
:: United Synagogue Youth (USY) Encampment Programs
Dear Friends of Ramah,


As more than 9,000 Ramah campers and staff said their tearful goodbyes after another summer of growth and friendship, one might think that our Ramah campsites go into hibernation until next summer's opening day. This couldn't be farther from reality! During the weeks between mid-August and Labor Day, Ramah camps host nearly 2,000 individuals in a wide array of innovative programs. Ramah is proud to be the central regional campus for so many Jewish organizations as well as an ongoing center of inspirational activity even after our campers and staff return home.


Kol tuv, 
Mitch Cohen 
Rabbi Mitchell Cohen, National Ramah Director 
Family Camps for Families with Children with Special Needs


In addition to our wide range of special needs programs, Ramah currently offers three inspirational family camps for families with children with special needs: Tikvah Family Camp (Camp Ramah in the Poconos), Camp Yofi (Ramah Darom), and Camp Ohr Lanu (Camp Ramah in California). All of these programs take place in August, after the regular camp season has ended. 

Camp Ohr Lanu at Camp Ramah in California Camp Ohr Lanuserves families with children ages 5 to 14 with developmental, social, and physical disabilities.   

Camp YofiCamp Yofi at Ramah Darom is a program for families with children with autism between the ages of 6 and 12.   


Tikvah Family CampTikvah Family Camp at Camp Ramah in the Poconos serves families with children ages 4 to 13 with developmental disorders and/or social learning disorders.  

Family Camps 

Camp Ramah in New England Family Camp  

Ramah New England Family Camp 2011 


At family camp programs led by Ramah's wonderful tzevet, participants play, learn, relax, and enjoy a very special Ramah Shabbat. Camp Ramah in New England held a Memorial Day Family Camp Weekend in June. (Click here to read an article by one of the participants.) In July, Ramah Darom held two five-day family camp sessions, and earlier this month, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin welcomed 24 families to a five-day family camp. Click here or on the image below to see a video from Ramah Wisconsin's 2010 Family Camp.

Ramah Wisconsin Family Camp 2011 

Ramah Wisconsin Family Camp 2011

Ramah Alumni Events

Alumni reunions are held annually at many Ramah camps. In July, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin hosted Nivonim 1998's 13th reunion and Nivonim 1986's 25th reunion; Ramah Day Camp in Nyack, NY, welcomed a group of campers from the early 1960s; and Camp Ramah in the Berkshires held Yom Bogrei Ramah for alumni from Gesher summers '81, '86, '91, '96, and '11. 

Ramah Young Alumni Leaders logo

This coming weekend, Camp Ramah in California is hosting a reunion for young alumni (Machon 1990 to Machon 2005). Over the Labor Day weekend, both Camp Ramah in New England and Camp Ramah in the Berkshires will host alumni reunions.

Year-Round Conference Centers
& Pesach Retreats

Throughout the year, Ramah Darom's Tumbling Waters Retreat and Conference Center and the Max and Pauline Zimmer Conference Center at Camp Ramah in California host special events, meetings, and conferences for a wide variety of synagogues, schools, and other non-profit organizations, as well as private groups.

In addition, both camps run annual Pesach retreats; for more information, click on these links for California and Darom.

Camp Ramah in California
Camp Ramah in California 

LimmudFest 2011

Over Labor Day weekend, Ramah Darom will host Limmud Atlanta + Southeast's multi-day  retreat, with a program of workshops, recreational activities, music, and learning sessions. 

Ramah Darom  Ramah Darom  

Conservative Synagogue and
School Retreats

This fall, Camp Ramah in the Berkshires is hosting the annual retreats for the Solomon Schechter High Schools of Long Island (full school) and Westchester (9th grade).  Ramah Day Camp in Nyack, NY, is hosting the Prozdor Fall Shabbaton, as well as retreats for a number of synagogue groups.

During the year, Camp Ramah in California will host several Shabbatonim for the Conservative Movement's Los Angeles Hebrew High School. 

United Synagogue Youth (USY) Encampment Programs

Ramah camps in the Berkshires, California, New England, Poconos, and Wisconsin are proud to be hosting more than 1,000 USY'ers at regional USY encampments this summer and fall.


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