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Kolot Ramah:
Voices of the Ramah Camping Movement
December 2010
Tevet 5771
Ramah Outdoor Adventure bikers
Biking at Ramah Outdoor Adventure
in the Rockies
Dear Friends of Ramah,

It has been an exciting year of growth for the Ramah Camping Movement. Feedback from happy campers and parents continues to pour in, and registration is already strong for 2011.

This fall, the National Ramah Commission published the new Ramah at 60 book, launched the Ramah Service Corps, and opened registration for the inaugural Ramah Galil Ride 2011 to raise funds for our special needs programs.

Hundreds of Ramah staff members will participate in National Ramah movement-wide training programs this year, including the JNF-Ramah Alternative Winter Break service trip to Israel, the Weinstein Institute for counselor training, the Winer Institute for Rosh Edah training, the AVI CHAI Foundation-supported "Daber" Fellowship to strengthen Hebrew usage at Ramah, the Ramah Israel Leadership Initiative (RILI) training for innovation in Israel education supported by the Legacy Heritage Foundation, the Mishlachat training program for Israeli staff, and more!

Our newest camp, Ramah Outdoor Adventure in the Rockies, had a fabulous first summer in 2010 and may even double its enrollment for 2011!

This issue of Kolot Ramah provides a glimpse into some of the innovative programs, initiatives, and capital improvements that took place this past summer at our wonderful camps and programs. As we prepare to enter 2011, we anticipate another summer of incredible vibrancy, bringing the joy of Jewish living to more than 9,000 children, teens, and young adults.


Rabbi Mitchell Cohen
Rabbi Mitchell Cohen    
Director, National Ramah Commission

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Fields of Dreams  

Camp Ramah in the Berkshires unveiled two new state-of-the-art athletic fields. Located Berkshiresin the area of camp known to all as the "golf course," the new soccer and Frisbee fields are used daily by campers for practice and games.  Read more

Emphasis: Jewish Unity

and Jewish Values

At Camp Ramah in Canada, more than 200 teens and staff members from Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox camps gathered Canadafor "Yom Klal Yisrael," a full day of activities that were used to teach Jewish values, provide an understanding of diverse Jewish practice, and educate campers about Jewish unity.  Read more

Kishroniyah: Spotlight on Bible Raps 

Camp Ramah in New England's fourth annual Kishroniyah program offered specialized multi-day programmatic experiences in a variety of sports, arts, and other activities such as engineering and cooking. The Bible Raps Kishroniyah groups wrote their own raps and produced their own music videos. Click here or on the photo below to view the video from the Machon/Nivonim group.  Read more

New England

Magical Moments at Camp

Ramah Outdoor Adventure

Campers at Ramah Outdoor Adventure in the Colorado Rockies wrote about special moments they experienced at camp this summer:

"I began this trip as a strong person, but I'm now even stronger for persevering through the most mentally taxing thing life's ever thrown at me."  Read more

Purim in the Summer

At the Chicagoland Ramah Day Camp, Purim B'Kayitz (Purim in the Summer) was the last Chicagolandyom meyuchad of the season, a busy day full of fun, food, and prizes. Morning tefillot included a reading of parts of Megillat Esther, complete with the loud sound of graggers whenever Haman's name was read. Click here to read what campers had to say about their favorite parts of the day.

New Outdoor Experiences and Challenges in 2010

At Ramah Day Camp in Philadelphia, campers in the oldest edot enjoyed a variety of new Philadelphiaoutdoor experiences throughout the summer including: rope making, knot tying, map reading, orienteering, challenge games, and other outdoor living skills, such as pitching a tent and building a camp fire.  Read more

JTS Mitzvah Initiative

The Jewish Theological Seminary

A new cohort of 25 congregations from Judaism's Conservative Movement have enrolled in The Jewish Theological Seminary's groundbreaking Mitzvah Initiative, joining the nearly 50 synagogues, Ramah camps, and Solomon Schechter day schools already involved with the program.  Read more


Donate to RamahClick here to  to make a donation to any of the Ramah camps and Israel programs.

Closer to Israel than You Might Think

At Camp Ramah in California, the Israel education program takes advantage of the magical ability camp has to create lasting friendships, and uses it to build bridges between American campers and Israeli shlichim.  Read more

Friendly Competition
at Inter-Camp Games

Held at Camp Ramah Darom, the 2010 Inter-Camp Competition allowed chanichim to Daromconnect with Jewish youth from other Jewish camps through friendly competition. The program was funded by the Abraham A. Mitchell Endowment Fund for Recreational and Athletic Program Excellence.  Read more

Hachnasat Orchim:
Welcoming Guests to Camp

Camp Ramah in the Poconos is truly a summer home for its campers and staff. Every weekend, the camp welcomes guests into this home to share a Ramah Shabbat, enabling the members of the Ramah Poconos community to practice the value of hachnasat orchim.  Read more

"Because of Ramah"


Camp Ramah in Wisconsin filmed interviews of campers, staff, and parents finishing the phrase: "Because of Ramah...." These Ramahniks talk about making friends that last a lifetime, developing a love of Judaism, and learning to be role models. Click here or on the photo below to view some of these videos, which provide insight into the exciting activities and memorable experiences that Ramah has to offer.


A View from the Heights

At Ramah Day Camp in Nyack, chanichim love to explore the camp's beautiful high points, affectionately called Ramot b'Ramah ("Heights at Ramah"--Ramah in Hebrew also means height). These are peaceful outdoor spaces Nyackwhere children have a different vantage point to view the camp activities taking place below. Read more

Ramah Programs in Israel

Ramah Programs in Israel offers programs year-round. For summer 2011, enrollment is Ramah Israelstrong for Ramah Israel Seminar, with more than 200 participants already registered. In addition, registration is open for Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp.

While some must wait until summer to travel with Ramah to Israel, there are more than 40 participants in Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim and USY High, Ramah Israel's spring semester high school programs.

Finally, throughout the year, the Ramah Israel Institute offers inspirational custom-designed educational trips for synagogues, schools, and families.

Partners in Jewish Camping 

NOAM, the Masorti youth movement in Israel, operates the exciting Ramah-NOAM summer camp for Israelis.

Ramah is pleased to collaborate with the youth leadership of the Masorti summer camp programs in Argentina.

Ramah Yachad in Ukraine, a program of Midreshet Yerushalayim Ramah Yachad in Ukraineat the Schechter Institute, celebrated its "CHAI," 18th camping season this past summer in Zakarpoatia, where 160 campers from ten Ukrainian cities and towns enjoyed a Ramah experience.  Read more