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Andrew Wyeth, Pastries, and a Little Vastness

Patrick Howe Gallery,  November Newsletter
, 2009



(The Vastness of the Right Here)
Painting of the Month

"The Vastness of the Right Here"   Oil on Board   8" x 10"   Patrick Howe

This painting was inspired by the Hudson River School painters. In
their paintings they portrayed vast panoramic views of nature's beauty within
a grand universal order. Here I have painted about ten feet of that vastness.


classes masthead

Ongoing Painting Group - Starts Wednesday, Nov. 4

Meets every Wednesday from 6 to 9 PM. For those who want to make a
more-or-less regular hobby of their painting. I circulate around the room
giving guidance, and addressing any topics the students wish.
$120 per month and
comes with lots of perks. Contact me for more info.

(Begin the Journey)
Introduction To Oil Painting Workshop
When: November 14-15, (Sat - Sun) 11:00 AM to 3 PM each day.
Pre-registration required by Monday, November 9. More Info

Introduction To Oil Painting Workshop
When: January 16-17, (Sat - Sun) 11:00 AM to 3 PM each day.
Pre-registration required by Monday, January 9. More Info

(Let the Journey Continue)
Eight-Week Oil Painting Class
When: January 12 - March 2, eight Tuesdays: 6:00 to 9:00 PM
Pre-registration required by Tuesday, January 5.
More Info


Le-Fournel, Ltd.  The French Bakery - Free pastries and coffee!

Natasha, Ella, and Jovan.

This is where I get my coffee every morning. These guys are the best.
Le-Fournel is located a few doors down from the gallery and will be
offering complimentary pastries and coffee on Saturday, Nov 7th. While
you're there be sure to notice the fabulous artwork that is on sale.
(I accept checks, cash, or credit).


Andrew Wyeth and Dinner

sam tour

This is not a Halloween photo. It's actually a group of students and I after
touring the Andrew Wyeth show at the Seattle Art Museum. Afterwards
we shared dinner at the Four Seasons. The photo was taken in a dark
dinning room with a phone.


Famous Artist Saying
from my Art And Awakening website

"The inner command is to allow oneself to fall into one's own essence."
-Julius Bissier

"After the Pollination"
by Julius Bissier


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