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Dodging the Borg, and Channeling Cezanne

Patrick Howe Gallery,  October Newsletter
, 2009

In this issue:
~ Ongoing Painting Group -(Going Deeper into the Creative Process)
~ Children's Watercolor Workshop -(Save Your Kids From the TV Borg!)
~ Art of the Month -(Channeling Cezanne)
~ Classes and Workshops -(All great journeys begin with the first step)
~ Art Business Coach, Alyson Stanfield -(Ready to Pump You Up!)
~ Movie Review: 'Local Color' (Bring Kleenex)
~ Famous quote from www.ArtandAwakening.com


(Going Deeper into the Creative Process)
Join My Ongoing Painting Group


Artists, you are invited
to join my Ongoing Painting Group to explore the
artistic creative process in a deeper way. We will meet every Wednesday,
from 6PM to 9PM. For the first hour I will give you fun and challenging art
exercises. And the following two hours I will circulate around the room
giving pointers and tips as you work on your paintings.

The cost is $120. per month. Participation comes with many perks, like
regular discounts on art supplies at selected stores, discounts on other
workshops and classes, membership in The Carrot Revolution Art Company,
and much more. Contact me for more details.

Save Your Kids From the TV Borg!
Children's Watercolor Workshop


Art instructor, Rebecca Reichert, will conduct a children's watercolor
workshop (ages 7-12) at the gallery on October 17th, 11AM to 1PM.
Cost $25 per kid. To register call Rebecca at (206) 962-9194. (Please
register by Wed, 10/14)

(Channeling Cezanne)
Painting of the Month

'Red Landscape'      Oil on Canvas        36" x 48"      Patrick Howe

In this painting I used small choppy brushstrokes. This type of
stroke was first explored by the Impressionists and artist Paul Cezanne,
and was also a source of irritation to the academic traditionalists of the
time who believed that brushstrokes should never show in a work of art.
I call this stroke the 'chop stroke' and use it often in teaching. It creates
an energetic, and shimmering quality. Cezanne is considered the father
of modern art because so many art movements sprang out of his painting
style. His paintings often look slightly 'sculptured' which was a quality that
later inspired Cubism. Here is one of my favorite Cezanne quotes: "It took
me 40 years to figure out that painting was not sculpture."


(Begin the Journey)
Upcoming Painting Workshops and Classes

at Patrick Howe Gallery, Seattle


Introduction To Oil Painting Workshop
When: October 10-11, (Sat - Sun) 11:00 AM to 3 PM each day.
Pre-registration required by Monday, October 5.More Info

Eight-Week Oil Painting Class
When: October 27 - December 15, eight Tuesdays: 6:30 to 9:00 PM
Pre-registration required by Tuesday, October 20.
More Info


Alyson Stanfield, Art Business Coach, and fan of Patrick Howe Gallery


Is your creativity tired and confused? Click here to have a fire lit under it.


Art Movie Review
"Local Color"


First the warning: this is a sentimental Hallmark formula-style movie.
If you can endure that part, then this movie is about a young man who
wants to be an artist and seeks the mentorship of an old, bitter, always
drunk, use-to-be-famous master painter. (Note to my students: this is
not a movie about me). It contains some very funny scenes and some
insightful comments about art. Hallmark aside, I rate this movie with
four tubes of Cadmium Yellow Deep.


Famous Artist Saying
from my Art And Awakening website

"Isn't the ultimate desire of human beings to perceive an order that
surpasses us yet is within us, to participate in that order?"    -Paul Klee

"Ancient Sounds" by Paul Klee



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