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winter roadDear Parents and Friends:


At this midpoint to summer, and halfway through the academic year, the start of the new year presents parents with the ideal opportunity to assess your child's or teen's academic progress, unresolved issues from the past summer, and future direction. 


We bring you tips to assist you with all of this, as we prepare and look forward to a summer not too distant ahead . . .


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Jill & the Everything Summer Team



The days are slowly starting to get longer, and everyone's thoughts are turning longingly to summer. Some children are excitedly beginning the countdown to camp; others who came home excited in August are now expressing reservations or reluctance.


There are numerous reasons why a child could now be expressing doubt about camp. There could have been an unresolved issue at camp that was lost in the bustle and excitement at the end of the summer, and is surfacing now.


In that case, talk to your child and talk to the camp directors.  The solution may be as simple as changing your child's bunk placement, and your camp director will be happy to allay any anxiety your child may be feeling.  Make sure your child knows that the issue has been resolved. 


 Talking with Your Child

The issue may have nothing to do with camp and could be something that is happening at school. In response, your child may be doubting camp. Again, speak with your child, involving your child's teacher, administrators, and a psychologist or social worker if necessary, to make sure that your child is anxiety-free. Childhood and camp should be as carefree as possible!! 


Finally, it is possible that your child has a new interest or hobby that he or she wants to pursue, or has outgrown a camp attended for years.   Again, talk to your child and the camp director. Perhaps there is something that the camp can do to regain your child's interest. And, if after all that, you determine it is no longer a good fit, you can begin a search for a camp or program that is a better fit. 

TRENDING FOR 2012soccer

  • New options for middle school students in adventure and volunteer programs.
  • More first-timer and younger camper session options.
  • Overseas sports programs.
  • Programs offering high school and college credits in academics and internships.
  • New, exciting trip destinations and more programs on college campuses.
  • More optional extensions on international programs, including trips and homestays.
  • And more specialty programs. . . Volunteer, Horseback Riding, Fashion, Adventure, Cooking!

elementary students  LOVE OF LEARNING
by Steve Feldman


Assessments are an important part of the learning process- especially when utilized appropriately.  Here are some strategies that students of all ages can use to enhance their learning experience. 

1.  Students should always try to anticipate possible questions, and the answers to them.  Role-reversal is a great teaching tool to utilize and take on the role of a teacher.

2.  Create mini quizzes and/or take practice tests.  This helps students prepare and eases test taking anxiety.

3.  Make up study games, such as homemade cross word puzzles, word searches and matching memory note cards.  This is fun way to work on recall and recognize which skills they need to further review.

The most important aspect of school and education that is often forgotten:  the focus should be on developing students who WANT to learn.


Elementary students:   should ENJOY going   to school, and if they don't, parents should try to find out why.


Middle school students:  as classes get more challenging, parents and educators should focus on the learning process and making sure students recognize the value of hard work and dedication.


High school students:  should take pride in simply doing the best they can rather than competing with friends or hyper-focusing on the college application process.   


high school studentsPrivate PrepSteve Feldman is the Founder and Educational Director of Private Prep, a distinctive tutoring service offering individually customized lessons for a wide range of K-12 subjects and standardized test prep in New York City, Long Island & Westchester.   

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