Risky Business

December 2011

Christmas People on Hand

Welcome to this month's edition of "Risky Business".

We would like to wish all our clients and insurers the very best Christmas and New Year and thank you for all your support in 2011.


  Insurance News 

Christmas Tree
Seasonal Increases in Cover


Coming into the Christmas period, you may not be aware that many Business Insurance Policies cater for seasonal increases in stock automatically. 
What this means is that insurers factor in that you will be carrying a lot more stock due to increased sales at this time of year and will allow for your sum insured on stock to be increased by as much as 50% for a certain period prior to Christmas and for a short period after in the Fire section of your policy. 
If you are unsure if you have this cover or not, then please call us at CPR Insurance Services, because we could save you.

If you would like to read more about this, please click here


Brisbane Storm
Are you Storm Ready this Summer?


Are you ready to face another season of storms and cyclones? 

With reports that weather related events will be even more intense in the future, us Risk Takers need to adapt and prepare so that the impact is reduced and our family and community is protected.

Insurance is fine when it comes to compensating you financially, but there are a lot of unpaid hours in preparing, submitting and following up on claims. There are many Flood victims who did not use an Insurance Broker still battling insurers to pay claims here in Queensland. Further, if the cost of a Claim is reduced by better prevention methods, then there is less of a need for Insurers to increase premiums.

Prevention is better than cure.

Click here to learn more about this and click here to view a special brochure produced by CGU.


Townsville Phone
Special North Qld Number


We are fortunate to be getting more and more clients from the North Queensland region and we are mindful of the fact that they are paying high long distance call rates as a result. So we have arranged a special Townsville number to help our clients in this region to save money.

Just call CPR Insurance Services on (07) 4767 7156 rather than our regular number for the same great attention and service we have always provided if you live up there and want to contact us for just local call costs.


New Years Resolution
New Year's Resolution


Have you ever thought about developing your public speaking skills? If so, why not make it your new year's resolution?

Rostrum provides clubs with people who love public speaking and get together every week to practice their skills. There are a number of clubs around and they are always looking for beginners that they can mentor and share their skills and knowledge with. 

Robert Cooper is Secretary and member of Rostrum Club No 10 that meets every Thursday Lunchtime in the City to learn and practice the art of public speaking and chairmanship. Call him if interested or check out their website for other clubs.

  Joke of the Month 

Green Green Grass of Home

Paddy was waiting at the bus stop with his mate when a lorry went by loaded up with rolls of turf.


Paddy said, "I'm gonna do that when I win lottery"


"What's dat?" says his mate.


"Send me lawn away to be cut," says Paddy.





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