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Harlem Pop Ups
Pop up retail (also known as pop-up stores or flash retailing) is a trend of opening short-term sales spaces in vacant locations or areas. It has become a new and innovative way for stores to market their businesses and products. The concept made its way onto the scene in the late 90s, and recently made a major emergence in NY in 2012.

Harlem's 125th Street has been the most recent "stop" for this trend of business. On the corner of 125th Street and Lenox Avenue, Hip Hop/ Rap Mogul Jay Z's clothing line, Rocawear,has "popped up" in the neighborhood in a lavish and luxurious 18-wheeler truck. With images of the rapper as well as brand advertisements embellishing the exterior of the truck, urban wear, "all black everything" furniture, flat screens, and more styling the interior... this "pop up" has a lot of Harlem's residents and visitors "popping in".

Not too long after the Rocawear Pop Up Truck heads on the road to its next stop at the Barclay's Center for their Grand opening, the Harlem area will be welcoming yet ANOTHER Pop Up retail store. Ricky's Halloween will be making its way to 2319 Frederick Douglass Boulevard (photo left), as well as 55 West 125th Street. Although the storefront is still in wraps, expect to find some GREAT Halloween costumes and decorations upon their opening!

West 125th Street may be known for its history and timelessness ... but these pop up businesses are proof of its youth and innovative culture.

School's in Session!
The 125th Street BID would LOVE to welcome  Harlem Village Academy to the area!

The recently occupied school extends from 124th Street, where it fronts onto Marcus Garvey Memorial Park, through to 125th Street. The 5-story, 62,000 square foot building will house classrooms, art and music studios, a chemistry lab, student common areas on each floor, a gym/performance space, a weight room, offices, a roof garden, and ground floor retail space on the 125th Street side (via

We are happy to more youth join the community and are sure that they will bring a vivacious, energetic, creative, and even more innovative culture to the area.

On The Plaza: For The Kids Youth Event
Deputy Inspector Kevin Williams addresses the crowd 
The Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building Plaza has been the hosting site for a lot of great events this past season. As the Summer Scorch comes to an end and we welcome the Fall Breeze, there have been a variety of fairs in the area.

On September 17th, "For the Kids" or F.T.K. hosted a Youth Resource Fair. The liveliness of our next generation's performances on stage had the surrounding businesses, residents, and pedestrians moving to a beat of hope and happiness. There were a variety of tables set up by different organizations - The Marine Cadets, New York County District Attorney's Office, New York City's Law Enforcement Exploring and the MAMA foundation for the arts, to name a few - were determined to make a difference in the lives of our community's youth.

In addition to the variety of organizations, the event also laid groundwork for job opportunities and gave information on health programs, after school programs, colleges and so much more!  If you  missed the event but still are looking for information, you can contact the event leaders at

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Block by Block Spotlight
Get to Know Your Block!
Frederick Douglass Boulevard to St. Nicholas Avenue

Last time, we explored the 125th Street block between Morningside and St. Nicholas Avenues. We are focusing our attention this month on the next block east: Frederick Douglass Boulevard to St. Nicholas Avenue.

Quick Facts:

Block 1952 (north side)
Block 1952 consists of 8 properties.
Lots: 19, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29

Block 1951 (south side)
Block 1951 consists of 2 properties.
Lots: 22, 43

Addresses on This Block:  

300 to 332 West 125th Street


There are 23 businesses located on this block, with an incredible variety of uses. In one block of 125th Street, you can do all your errands easily and still have time to stay and enjoy yourself! This block boasts clothing stores, bodegas, drug store/pharmacies, discount stores, sporting goods stores, beauty supplies and services, electronics, games, banks, jewelry, restaurants, and even a movie theater.


Community Board: 10  

Community Board Chair: Henrietta Lyle 


US Congressional District: NY 13th District (formerly 15th)
Congressional Representative: Charles B. Rangel

Senate District: 30th Senatorial District
Senator: Bill Perkins

Assembly District: 70th District
Assemblyman: Keith Wright

Unique Features of This Block:

Springboard Customer Counting Camera 
You may have received updates from the 125th Street BID on our Pedestrian Counts (see Pedestrian Count section of current newsletter). The 125th Street BID utilizes digital footfall counting cameras on the corner of 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard to provide round-the-clock, anonymous customer counts of that corner.

Springboard technology enables us to see which days of the week, and even which hours of the day, are the busiest, so that you can structure certain aspects of your business around the data from the pedestrian counts.
Interested in sponsoring our next camera? Contact the 125th Street BID at (212) 662-8999 or   
Development Sites on This Block:

315 West 125th Street
- The property at 315 West 125th Street received a beautiful new facade last summer, and we can't wait to see who our new neighbors will be!

315 West 125th Street: Before and After- From CurbedNY

Northwest corner of 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard
(301-303 West 125th Street) - Construction on a new commercial retail building is currently underway. The new building will house DSW, Victoria's Secret, Joe's Crab Shack, and many more businesses.
The property is being developed by Aurora Capital, A&H Acquisitions and Sigfield Group. Check out Crain's NY's recent article for more information on the development.

Left: Rendering of retail development at 301-303 West 125th Street
Right: Current construction project at 301-303 West 125th Street
The Business Beat
Hints and Tips for Your Business 

Tips from NYC Business Solutions: 
NYC Business Solutions is a set of free services offered by the Department of Small Business Services to help businesses start, operate, and expand in New York City. 

NYC Business Solutions' Blog Bulletin: Business Incubators, E-Learning, and More!
This issue includes... 
Find Space - and Other Resources - at an Incubator
Running a business in its early stages can be difficult and costly in terms of rent, staffing, professional services, and advice, among other things. Participating in a business incubator can help startups to be successful as they develop.

Successes, Failures, and Ironies of e-Learning
With the freedoms smart phones, iPads, and WiFi have provided us, information is more accessible than ever. All this begs the question - when and how is e-learning effective?



Upcoming Events for Businesses

September 19th:  MTA NYC Transit and the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT), in partnership with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, would like to invite you to attend a public workshop on Bus Service on 125th Street on Wednesday, September 19th from 6-8pm.  This workshop will be an opportunity to talk directly to agency staff about 125th Street, and to discuss potential improvements to bus service.


The GoGreen NYC Conference is September 19, 2012The GoGreen Conference empowers business decision-makers with sustainability strategies, tools and connections to create positive change in their organizations by improving environmental, economic and social performance, and thus enriching regional economies.   


September 20th - Harlem Business Alliance Presents:  Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Certification Workshop. This session will include a step-by-step review of the Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise certification application process.     


September 25th: 9th ANNUAL HARLEM BUSINESS ECONOMIC SUMMIT: "Innovating Through Tough Times"     


September 27th - Perfect Pitch is a video pitch contest for small business owners. The goal is to assist the resource-limited small-business owner with financial support and media exposure for their business, thereby giving the small business owner a boost in a struggling economy. 

Merchants' Spotlight: Figure Skating in Harlem

This month, the 125th Street BID features Figure Skating in Harlem (FSH) for their invaluable contributions to the Harlem community. FSH is the first and only organization in the world that uses the sport and art of ice skating, combined with academic and social enrichment, to transform young lives. FSH empowers young women and girls in the community to be strong, confident leaders with the skills and foundation to achieve their dreams. They do this through rigorous, one-of-a-kind education, health and fitness programs that promote academic success, physical health and emotional well-being.  


FSH moved their headquarters to 125th Street in 2001 and loves being in the center of it all on 125th Street. Harlem is full of creativity and bustling with energy. FSH's young students, their parents, and staff are part of that.  FSH employs more than 50 educators, counselors, coaches and other professionals, many of whom live and work in Harlem.  FSH's hope for 125th Street is that it continues to reflect the vibrancy of the Harlem community and Harlem culture.


96% of children do better in school because of Figure Skating in Harlem.  


Figure Skating is a discipline. It requires hard work, perseverance, concentration, focus, teamwork and responsibility.  These qualities translate into the classroom. At FSH, it is cool to be smart and to achieve. The sense of accomplishment on the ice can be matched through education off the ice, and FSH has the best educators in the city guiding and working with their students.  In fact, each student pledges to maintain at least a B+ average in school.  Last season, 23% received straight A's.



The most exciting thing coming up for FSH is their 16th Season!  

They will serve over 200 girls ages six to 18 annually.  FSH's school-year program is called ICE: I Can Excel. 70% of last year's students have already re-enrolled. There are just a few spots still open for mostly middle and high school students.  And this year, students can participate five afternoons a week with skating instruction, academic tutoring, classes in nutrition, financial literacy, communications, writing, cultural trips, and our annual community skating party "Soul on Ice" and ice shows. It will be a packed season. For the first time, FSH will be sending three Synchronized Skating teams into competitions up and down the east coast. They will also be celebrating five of their graduating seniors who have each been with FSH for 10 years or more!


Get involved with Figure Skating in Harlem!  

Call 646-698-3440 or email or  You can also visit FSH's Leading Edge Academic Center at 361 West 125th Street.  There are a few slots still open for girls in the community and FSH is still hiring part-time counselors, tutors and coaches. 


For more information on FSH, download their 2011-2012 year in review 

"Harlem Holiday Lights" 2012

The 125th Street BID has designed a Sponsorship Package that includes several options to best suit your needs. One of these opportunities enables you to display the name of your company in lights on a Customized Pole Decoration on 125th Street. Over 1,300,000 total pedestrians will pass a single 125th Street corner during the 50 Days of "Harlem Holiday Lights" 2012.  


Download the "Harlem Holiday Lights" 2012 Sponsorship Package!


Pedestrian Count
125th Street BID Customer Counting
Corner of 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard

Total Visitors This Month:

Total Visitors This Year:
The total customer count for the Month beginning August 1st, 2012 changed by +25,659from the previous Month.  Total count for portfolio as a whole changed +7.94%.

(Above: Left) The highest hourly customer count for the Month beginning 01-AUG-2012 were achieved on
Friday at 5pm.

(Above: Right) Friday had the highest customer count at 140,247
for the Month beginning 01-AUG-2012. The day with the greatest increase in its customer count from the previous Month was Friday (+38,197).
A 125th Street BID Success Story
The 125th Street BID would like to congratulate
BID Public Safety Ambassadors with Impact Captain of the 28th Precinct, Christopher Henning, at National Night Out
Left to right: Charlot Pierre, Charlie Guzman, Lieutenant Henning, Alvin Wilmore, Jautel Hill
our Public Safety Supervisor,  Jautel Hill, on his new job as Field Operations Supervisor at McRoberts Protective Agency.

Jautel was hired as one of the 125th Street BID's Public Safety Ambassadors in February of 2008 and became our team's Supervisor in 2009. This past Friday,  September 14th, was his last day at the BID.

Jautel's new job as Field Operations Supervisor, which he started this Monday, will provide him with a wealth of new opportunities and experiences. He now drives a McRoberts vehicle to McRoberts security clients in the five boroughs and adjacent counties to supervise their operations.

Jautel's dream is to become a New York City Correctional Officer, and he is well on his way there. We will truly miss Jautel's outstanding service, dedication, and personality at the BID, but we are proud that he has used the skills he augmented here to receive a very prestigious promotion from McRoberts. We wish him the best of luck in his pursuits, although we are sure he won't need it!
This Month In Harlem...


Harlem in the News
August 31st, 2012 - Harlem Group Wants to Boost the Popularity of Reading

August 21st, 2012 - Harlem is getting a business incubator for engineering students

August 20th, 2012 - Harlem's Retailers Along 125th St.

August 16th, 2012 - Media Legend, Vy Higginsen Aims to Save the Music with "Sing, Harlem, Sing!"

August 13th, 2012 - New York Comedy Festival 2012 coming to Harlem's Apollo Theater

August 10th, 2012 - Harlem Week Celebrations Features Business, Fun and Music

August 9th, 2012 - McDonald's to Roll Out New Concept On 125th St

August 4th, 2012 -
Marcus Samuelsson, a Chef, a Brand and Then Some
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