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-Holiday Lights

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-Illegal Dumping 

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  dmaDistrict Management Association 


The 125th Street BID has recently developed an exciting new committee called Vibrant 125. The committee meets bi-weekly in the BID office.
The Mission of the Vibrant 125 committee is to unite for a cleaner and safer Harlem
Karia Hill, Lisa Tucker, Danni Tyson, Maurice Winley, Anthony Baker
The Vibrant 125 Committee is currently at work on the first Cleanest Block Contest. More information to follow.

Please contact Barbara Askins at bid125thst@aol.com if you would like to become a member of the Vibrant 125 committee.

HHLNov Harlem Holiday Lights

Thank You to the Double Platinum, Platinum, and Gold Sponsors of the  

"Harlem Holiday Lights" 2011 Program!  



Sponsorship for the 2011 "Harlem Holiday Lights" program is now closed. For information on sponsoring the "Harlem Holiday Lights" 2012 program, contact the 125th Street BID at (212) 662-8999 or sbracey@125thstreetbid.com In addition, sponsorship opportunities for the 2012 "BID on Culture" program will be available this spring. Look out for more information in future newsletters.  


The Event:

The November 21st Lighting Event was a huge success! A gathering of over 800 people enjoyed amazing performances by Vy Higginsen and the Harlem Gospel for Teens; Impact Repertory Theater; Kala Hawker; and more. Our local businesses Starbucks, Red Rooster, and Tonnie's Minis showed their support by providing warm beverages and cupcakes to attendees. We were also joined by Cheryl Wills of NY1 News, who led us in the countdown to the lighting of the street, and Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box, who documented the event.


Check out the incredible, newly released "Harlem Holiday Lights" 2011 program promotional video, Turn Em On! Featuring exclusive footage of the lighting event, fundraiser, politicians and public figures, and more! Special thanks to Curtis Sherrod, Jewlz the Director, and Peter Wayne.   



The lights are on, but the holiday season isn't over yet! Come visit us in Harlem for more holiday activities and events!  

beyondthelightsBeyond the Lights

concept by Marva Allen  


The goal of the "Beyond the Lights" initiative is to publicize sales, discounts, activities, events, and other happenings on 125th Street and the surrounding area that occur after the November 21st Lighting Event.


Check out the Beyond the Lights Activities Page for info on Holiday lightings, Holiday Markets, Parties, Shows, and more in East, West, and Central Harlem!  


And don't miss Holiday sales, discounts, and promotions at Harlem stores like: Delancey Leathers; B.O.R.N. Vintage; Porta Bella; Jimmy Jazz; Ashley Stewart; Rainbow; Old Navy; Nicole Boutique; The Body Shop; Staples; and King Party on the Beyond the Lights Discounts Page!

Submit your business or venue's "Beyond the Lights" Holiday sales, promotions, events, and activities to admin@125thstreetbid.com for publication on our website


Look for updates on Twitter and Facebook.  


SpringboardSpringboard Launch 
The 125th Street BID has recently added a new component to its scope of work. We are focusing on pedestrian counting using Springboard, a leading provider of customer counting services.  Currently, Springboard cameras are set up on the corner of 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard. We will be using Springboard to perform round-the-clock pedestrian counts of the district.

Measuring customer numbers provides an objective and consistent measure of performance. Springboard technology also enables us to see which days of the week, and even which hours of the day, are the busiest, so that you can structure certain aspects of your business around the data from the pedestrian counts.
For more information on Springboard, visit http://www.spring-board.info/.

Below is an excerpt from our first Springboard report. Please see brief summaries from report from the week of November 14 - November 20, 2011.

Hourly Count Comparison (see below): The highest hourly customer count for the Week beginning 14-NOV-2011 were achieved on Saturday at 12pm.  
Annual Performance:
The total customer count for the Week beginning 14-NOV-2011 is 155,254.

Daily Count Comparison:
Saturday had the highest customer count at 31,064 for the Week beginning 14-NOV-2011, which was 2,270 more than any other day during that Week. The day with the greatest increase in its customer count from the previous Week was Monday (23,157).

Weekly Performance:
The total customer count for the Week beginning 14-NOV-2011 changed by 39,838 from the previous Week.  Total count for portfolio as a whole changed 34.52%. 
sanstreetmaintSanitation and Street Maintenance

sanfocus November Sanitation Focus: Cleaning of trash receptacles; removal of any illegal attachments on street furniture; scrubbing and disinfecting of corners 

dumpIllegal Dumping  

In October, the BID Sanitation team was hard at work gathering up illegally dumped garbage in the district. During the month of November, the BID sanitation team removed numerous garbage bags and commercial cardboard boxes filled with garbage. This month, the DSNY enforcement also issued a summons to one of the businesses engaging in illegal dumping. The BID Sanitation Team continues to work closely with DSNY to identify violators, increase awareness and eradicate the problem. The BID Sanitation and Outreach Committee are working on long term programs to increase awareness, and we welcome any short term suggestions to continue this battle. 


three11reports311 Reports   

The BID submits service requests via 311, which has been very responsive.  In the month of November, the BID reported an exposed wire, a broken streetlight, a missing fire hydrant cap, and a leaning light pole to 311. All conditions have been repaired.


 postingPosting Violations    

On an ongoing basis, the BID Clean Team removes handbills, posters, notices, signs, and advertisements on any curb, sidewalk, gutter, tree, lamppost, telephone pole, public garbage bin, or any other public item in the district. During the month of November, the BID Sanitation Team removed approximately sixty flyers that were illegally posted in the district.



There were two demonstrations on 125th Street during the month of November. Protesters demonstrated in favor of "Occupy Wall Street" and against joblessness in the U.S. NYPD were present. 

PublicSafety Public Safety


The 125th Street BID Public Safety Ambassadors work hard to keep 125th Street safe.  Throughout the month of November, BID Public Safety Ambassadors responded to a car accident, a fainting incident, and a physical altercation. In each situation, the Public Safety Ambassadors notified the proper authorities, who responded promptly.  


OpeningsClosings Retail Updates


Store Openings: 

Christmas Store - 3 West 125th Street 


Store Closings:
Ricky's Costumes - 55 West 125th Street 
News  Harlem in the News

November 8th - Rangel Joins Columbia and City College to Help Job Seekers 


November 20th - Columbia Planning Six-Story Arts Center with $30M Gift  


November 23rd - Newcomers Fuel East Harlem Real Estate Surge 


November 23rd - Announcing a Request for Proposals for New Small Business Incubator in Harlem   


November 23rd - "Harlem Holiday Lights" 2011  


November 28th - CU-Run Mentorship Program Trains Small Business Owners to Get Big Contracts 


November 30th - How Small Businesses can Reduce Burdensome Fines  


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