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FP7 Calls shortly expiring
TEN-T EA Workshop
IEE Information Day
Next Professional Events in Europe
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Dear Subscriber,   

Every Winter the same problems re-appear: bad weather and low temperatures produce the consequence of a lot of pollution in the air. Some environmental agencies and local authorities think that the biggest cause is traffic. For example, last Sunday (30th Jan) Milan and Turin in Northern Italy decided to block traffic within their central areas. EPN Consulting, always committed to reduce CO2 emissions, disagree with these measures as they are effective in the short term only. What cities need is a proper infrastructural change (i.e. better Public Transport - co-modal - services and promotion of their use)  that could have a long-lasting impact on citizens' behaviours. Then Intelligent Transport Systems can help, but also change of policies is required.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to this new deal with some smart suggestions and/or best practice you worked on. 

During this 1st quarter 2011 lots of interesting conferences, workshops and fairs will be organised in Europe. During the next 30 days EPN Consulting will be very busy attending the 8th Road User Charge conference in Brussels, the TEN-T Project Management Workshop in Brussels, the 4th Conference of the ITS (UK) Road User Charging Interest Group in London and the Ecobuild 2011 in London (plus possibly other events). If some of you intends to attend these events too let us know as it would be excellent to meet up in these locations and discuss business opportunities.


In the meantime we wish you a busy February!


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FP7 Calls shortly expiring 
European Projects
Within the 7th Framework Programme there are close deadlines of a number of calls:
- NMP-2011-CSA-5 - 01 Feb 2011
- SSH-2011-1 - 02 Feb 2011
- SSH-2011-2 - 02 Feb 2011
- SSH-2011-3 - 02 Feb 2011
- ERC-2011-ADG_20110209 - 09 Feb 2011
- PEOPLE-2011-COFUND - 17 Feb 2011
- ERANET-2011-RTD -  22 Feb 2011
- TEN-E-2011 - 28 Feb 2011

If you would like to be advised on how to prepare and submit an FP7 project proposal, EPN Consulting is the right consultancy to choose. Visit the EU Projects Consultancy for more information.
Would you like to know more about what an EU project is like? Attend one the tailored training courses that EPN Consulting organises for its clients. Visit the Training courses and Seminars section.

Notice: EPN Consulting Members enjoy discounts on EU projects assistance as well as a fantastic 20%-discount on Training Courses packages. Join us!

TEN-T EA WorkshopEuropean Projects: Last day for registrations!
Next 15 and 16 February 2011 in Brussels there will be the 2011 Project Management Workshop organised by the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency. The event aims to gather its beneficiaries together to discuss key topics relevant for successsul cooperation and provide more information on:
  • Mid-Term Review of the Multi-Annual Programme
  • 2011 Calls for Proposals
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Financial and Project Management practices 

 Registrations are open until 01 Feb 2011


EPN Consulting will attend this event!

Intelligent Energy Europe Information Day 
European Projects
Last 18 January 2011 in Brussels the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Information Day was held.
The IEE programme does not fund Research nor Implementation, but promotion of best practice.


Presentations of that day are available online on this webpage.


EPN Consulting attended that event and provided their Members with an exclusive report. If you would like to participate in this programme EPN Consulting will be happy to assist you. Please contact us.


Notice: if you become an EPN Consulting Member you will receive exclusive reports too! Join us.

ITS (UK) Road User Charging Interest GroupITS UK Logo Conference
Next 17th Feb 2011 in London it will be held the 4th Conference of the ITS (UK) Road User Charging Interest Group. Many prestigious speakers are confirmed. It will be a fantastic opportunity to be updated with added value information concerning the ITS industry, market and policies and to network with other participants.

EPN Consulting, as one of the ITS UK corporate members, will attend this event.



Next Professional Events happening in Europe

01-03 Feb 2011 - Karlsruhe (DE) - EUP+ICT+PRO - LEARNTEC 2011

01-03 Feb 2011 - Monaco (MC) - ICT - IMAGINA 2011 - The European 3D Simulation and Visualisation


02 Feb 2011 - Exeter (UK) - INN+TRA - IET Event - "Electric Vehicles as the Future of Personal Transportation: Fact or Fiction"

02-03 Feb 2011 - Versailles (FR) - ATEXPO 2011 - Conference of Terrestrial Transport Professionals (in French)

03-04 Feb 2011 - Budapest (HU) - ENV+EUP+INN+TRA - INTERREG IVC - 4th InterRegional Cooperation Forum

04 Feb 2011 - Deadline to submit abstracts for the European Transport Conference 2011


04 Feb 2011 - London (UK) - PRO - ROSPA Event - "Safety Essentials for Facilities Managers"

07-08 Feb 2011 - Brussels (BE) - BIZ+FIN+ICT+INN+ITS+TRA - 8th Annual ROAD USER CHARGING 2011 Summit

07-09 Feb 2011 - Geneva (CH) - PRO+TRA - 9th Training Programme for Public Transport Managers


Find out more events on the EPN Consulting Events Section.

There is a new fantastic business opportunity for you. It is now possible to sponsor one or more events or even become an Event Section Sponsor (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze packages available). Please drop us an email if interested and we will provide you with all information.


Notice: EPN Consulting Members enjoy a 20% discount on sponsoring packages. Join us!

Latest article of the EPN Consulting's CEO

smDr Ing Stefano Mainero has recently written an article on "Improving Intelligent Transport Systems information to end users to make transport more sustainable".


The article is published on the MENA Infrastructure magazine on this webpage.


Welcome to STEGET: a new EPN Consulting Member


STEGET S.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in architectural and green design, customized management and consultancy. We focus on development, sustainability master planning and green design.  STEGET S.r.l. with its ISO 9001:2008 certificate is a quality-oriented company with a team of experts able to approach any project from inspection to completion. Having acquired expertise in various projects in different sectors, in 2009 STEGET S.r.l. extended the activities to international level by creating the "STEGET GROUP". STEGET will be exhibiting at Ecobuild 2011 in London (1 to 3 March 2011) to present: "ECOST PROJECT - more Eco less Cost. Analysis methodology for urban sustainable development and rehabilitation strategies".

The Website of the Month: Walkit.com


This month EPN Consulting has chosen "Walkit.com - The Urban Walking Route Planner".

It is a clever website that help people find the best routes when travelling...on foot! So far suggested itineraries regard cities in the United Kingdom only, however the idea is worthy publicising.

EPN Consulting is committed to reduce CO2 emissions in any possible way: that's why we are keen on promoting these kinds of smart initiatives. 


Please contact us for any question about becoming an EPN Consulting member, proposing business offers, informing us on your business specialties, et cetera.
Kind Regards,

Stefano Mainero

CEO, Founder

EPN Consulting Limited
London, UK