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Vol. 1, Iss. 1
July 2010
Summer Time Style
By: Sandra Alice

Sapphire Whisper

Finally the days of summer are here and it's time to pack up your winter coats and snatch up the latest sexy summer fashions. 

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Designer of the Month:
Vanessa Wishart

Vanessa_Wishart Vanessa Lee Wishart has been in the fashion/costume industry for over 10 years. During that time, Vanessa and her clothing line, Vicerra has been featured in various magazines and newspapers such as Eye, TFM Magazine, Globe and Mail, etc. She has won various awards for her work such as Trash Fusion award, Costume Museum of Canada Recon competition, and The Art of Fashion Award, which she has won twice.

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Hats off to Fashion
By: World Man About Town

I have been a fan of hats, caps, and all sorts of head gear for quite a long time. I think they can add an element of style to my wardrobe, and for men who are follicularly challenged, differently hirsute, hair disadvantaged, or purely bald, hats also play an important part in keeping bodies warm and regulate temperature. In addition, they add some very interesting possibilities to how our daily clothes can be accessorized.

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Who is Karl Muse?

I come from a family of artists, growing up with European and Scandavian elements in the furniture and Art we created. My wife, Helga Buttermann, grew up in Peru while her birth country is Germany. Our style tends to be minimalist and  functional. Having traveled around Europe and South America we appreciate and see beauty in other cultural art and fashion. We like to bring together elements of other cultures into our collection of leather belts.

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MyWardrobe Updates

In a few weeks you will see a new and improved MyWardrobe website that will be easier to navigate and provide you with much more fashion news and events. The new site will allow you to connect with other fashion enthusiasts and view clothing in their closets as well as you will be able to visit our designer boutiques and stay on top of trends even before they hit the mainstream. Stay tuned for more details.


Create your virtual closet space in three easy steps:
  1. Take a photo of up to 15 items of clothes from your closet
  2. Upload it to your desktop
  3. Select the uploaded items and crop the image you want to appear in your virtual closet.
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Featured Design
By: Vanessa Wishart

Accessory Corner
Muse Belts
By: Karl Muse


Musebelts is a collection of handmade leather belts that use no metal buckle. It is a unique belt unlike any other belt. Simple in design and attractive. Musebelts has clients worldwide including Russia, United Kingdom, Europe and South America.

Fashion Resource: TribaSpace International Fashion Calendar

TheTribaSpace International Fashion Calendar is a free web calendar application for the fashion industry, currently in beta.  Based in Berlin, the mission  is to alleviate the stress of daily communication within the fashion industry, and to open doors for young designers, buyers, and media.
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