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* February 2012 Results

To learn more about the 5-STAR program click the link ==>  Overview of CMS 5-STAR System  


*NOTE:  As of this newsletter publication date, March's 5-STAR data was not available. 








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Updated MDS Provider and CASPER manuals available!


Updated copies of the MDS 3.0 Provider User's Guide and CASPER Reporting User's Guide For MDS Providers are now available on the 

 QTSO website 


Each newly updated section will display a date of 03/2012.  The updated CASPER manual can also be obtained on your state MDS welcome page.



 Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Office of Inspector General, Division of Health Care Leadership Team 

* Mary Reinle Begley, Inspector General



Dudley Ellis, Pharmacy Consultant 





Unbridled Spirit
Issue: # 03-2012       

                 March 2012

Welcome to the Office of Inspector General, Division of Health Care's 
March 2012 edition of the Long Term Care Provider Newsletter.  This newsletter is a valuable vehicle to update you on current events affecting Long Term Care.  

Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think would benefit.  To continue receiving this newsletter, be sure to join our mailing list by clicking the link to the left of this article.  We look forward to serving you through this communication vehicle.


CMS Medicare News 


Recent Survey and Certification Letters


Below you'll find links to survey and certification letters issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) pertaining to Long Term Care facilities.  Please take a look and determine how these may impact your facility.
Elopements and the Survey Process
This article is intended to provide information that will aide in understanding the survey process as it relates to elopements in Long Term Care Facilities.
Break Out!  Outbreak! 
Guidelines for Investigating Outbreaks of Acute Gastroenteritis in Long Term Care Facilities

Attached is a document that provides guidance to Local Health Departments and also to Long Term Care Facilities to control and or prevent Acute Gastroenteritis.   Public Health provides guidance and recommendations, OIG is the regulatory authority for Long Term Care Facilities.  The two authorities maintain a close partnership aiding in the investigation, study and control, and outbreaks at Long Term Care facilities.


Click Here to Read the Article......


CMS Announces MDS 3.0 Updates

Webcast Outlines Changes


The Office of Inspector General, Division of Health Care, will offer an MDS 3.0 Updates webcast designed to discuss changes to the MDS 3.0 since implementation; provide answers to coding questions from providers; and discuss upcoming changes and provider concerns. This webcast will be viewable in the next couple of months.  The recommended audience for this webcast includes Long Term Care Providers involved with the MDS 3.0 assessments.


If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Lowe at (502) 564-7963 extension 3310 or at


MDS 3.0 Changes & Enhancements
CMS Banner Text 
Submission and Processing (ASAP) System Enhancements


  • MDS 3.0 Data Submission Specifications, v1.10.1 - Item and edit changes for changes for assessment with target dates on or after 04/01/2012 are included.
  • FY2012 RUG-IV (v 1.02.0) - Effective 03/18/2012, the MDS 3.0 system will use the new version 1.02.0 of the RUG IV Grouper for all grouper calculations.
  • RUG III Conversion (v1.00.3) - Effective 3/18/2012, the MDS 3.0 system will use the new version 1.00.3 of the RUG III conversion shared object in calculating RUG III MDS 3.0 items.
  • MDS 3.0 CATs Specifications (V1.01.0) - Editing of Care Area Triggers (CAT) 02, 06, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 17 will be enhanced to include new items in effect 04/01/2012.

For detailed information, refer to the CMS MDS 3.0 Technical Website

Training Opportunity - Save the Date!
August Training Announcement 

The Office of Inspector General is Kentucky's regulatory agency for licensing all health care, day care and long-term care facilities and child adoption/child-placing agencies in the commonwealth. 

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