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CMS 5-STAR Releases Results for Kentucky
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Want to Know Kentucky's Top 10   Citations for Nursing Homes?
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Notice to Advanced Practice Nurse Stakeholders From the Kentucky Board of Nursing

On January 10, 2011, several changes regarding Kentucky's advanced practice nurses will occur.  Those changes are:


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Alcohol Prep Pads,  Swabs, and Swabsticks Recall

Triad Group Issues a Voluntary Nationwide Recall of All Lots of Alcohol Prep Pads, Alcohol Swabs, and Alcohol Swabsticks Due to Potential Microbial Contamination



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Issue: # 2011-001              


Welcome to the Office of Inspector General, Division of Health Care's January edition of the Long Term Care Provider Newsletter.  This newsletter is a valuable vehicle to update you on current events affecting Long Term Care.  

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CMS Posts Information Concerning MDS A0310E

What's New

MDS 3.0 Coding Clarification for Item A0310E - CMS has re-evaluated the guidance outlined in the "MDS 2.0 to MDS 3.0 Transition Document" dated October 2010 for the coding of item A0310E. The transition document indicated that the item should be coded as "1" for the initial MDS 3.0 assessment for all existing residents; however, this guidance was overlooked on many of the assessments that were submitted.


During the November 9, 2010 National Provider Call direction was provided indicating that assessments that were coded as a "0" would need to be corrected and resubmitted.


CMS has reconsidered the matter and has concluded that providers Do Not need to submit corrected assessments where item A0310E may have been miscoded. Providers should follow the directions outlined in Chapter 3 Section A of the MDS 3.0 RAI Manual for the coding of A0310E from this point further.


The information can be found at the following link:

MDS 3.0 Training Materials

Life Safety Code Guidance for Long Term Care Homes - Can Candles be Used in Nursing Homes?


Guidance from the Office of Inspector General indicates that per CMS Survey and Certification Letters 07-07, December 21, 2006 candles are not permitted in nursing homes that are not fully sprinkled.   Candles can be used in sprinkled facilities under direct staff supervision in locations where they are placed in a substantial candle holder.  Candles cannot be used in resident rooms or handled by residents due to the risk of fire and burns. 


Can light bulb heated scented wax units be used in resident rooms?


The device described above is not a candle however the heated bulb is an ignition source.  This ignition source must be protected from exposure to ignitable items such as curtains, decorations, bedding, etc.  The heated wax may become a hot liquid that may burn a person if spilled or broken and could ignite if overheated.  There is nothing in the life safety code that prohibits the use of such a device in resident rooms however there is a health regulation under F323, Supervision to Prevent Accidents that is applicable in this situation.  Always remember to have adequate staff supervision in place to ensure resident safety when using such a device.


There are safe alternatives to using candles and heated wax units.  The flameless candle with or without sent operates with batteries using an LED light that is not hot and lasts for years.       


State Putting Nursing Home Inspection Reports Online


December marked the launch of the Office of Inspector General's website created to provide Long Term Care Inspection findings to the general public.  This initiative was prompted by a CMS directive through health care reform to make the 2567 available to the public in an easily to accessible manner.  In an effort to enhance safety, quality, and transparency, Governor Steve Beshear's administration further recommended this move as outlined in the Protection of Nursing Home Residents report issued in September, 2010.   

This website details state inspection findings as documented on the statement of deficiency, and includes the facilities plan or correction.  The facilities ownership information is also displayed as is provided in the state licensure application.  Survey findings are posted beginning with those surveys conducted July, 2010 and after.  The website can be viewed by clicking the link LTC Inspection Findings. 


Find Information Direct from CMS

Recent Survey and Certification LettersMemo-1

Below you'll find links to survey and certification letter issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) during the months of December and January.  Please take a look and determine how your facility may be impacted. 

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The Office of Inspector General is Kentucky's regulatory agency for licensing all health care, day care and long-term care facilities and child adoption/child-placing agencies in the commonwealth. 

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