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  March 2011  
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Science on the Go!
Lecture Series: New Triassic Dinosaurs and the Early Evolution of Dinosaurs
Dr. Sterling J. Nesbitt, University of Washington

Fri., April 29 at 7:30pm

Sterling Nesbitt will describe his field research including the discovery of the new dinosaur Tawa hallae and his surprising analysis on the stomach contents of Coelophysis. Nesbitt also will discuss current information regarding the early evolution of dinosaurs. Tickets are $8 for Members and $10 for non-Members. 

Register by CLICKING HERE or call 248 645.3210.                     
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Young Scientists

Spring Break is here! The Institute is ready for Spring Breakers with a wide range of programs and activities throughout the week. We start the break with an evening of fun and birthday cake for a sloth on Friday, April 1 at 5pm when admission is free as part of the Institute's Free First Fridays courtesy of MASCO Corporation Foundation.

Throughout the week of Spring Break April 4 through 8, the Institute will look at the fascinating world of birds with indoor activities each day from 1to 4pm. In addition to these special events, we'll offer daily planetarium and bat programs as well.

We hope you will consider kicking off your Spring Break with a visit to a Metro-Detroit area Borders store April 1 through 3 when your purchases will benefit the Institute of Science. Using the voucher attached via link to our website, each purchase generates funding for the Institute and its programs. See details below.

Much like the post Spring Break period in school, April, May and June is the busiest time of year for the Institute and our number of visiting students has already been increasing weekly. We hope you enjoy your break. You have earned it!

Go Science!

Benefit Days at Borders Stores

booksBorders is hosting a Benefit Days event to benefit the Institute of Science April 1 through 3. Simply present the voucher attached via link below at any Borders store in Oakland, Macomb or Wayne counties and a portion of your purchase will go to the Institute of Science! Borders' vast selection of books, movies, music, educational toys and games, Seattle's Best Coffee cafe items, Paperchase stationery, and gifts make for fun and engaging shopping for you, and a great fundraising opportunity for us. 

Click here to download voucher. This offer also is valid online at using code: CIOS0401K. Your participation helps a struggling Michigan-based company while benefiting the Institute and its fans. Your support goes a long way. Please share this event information with as many people as you can. The more supporters shop, the more Cranbrook earns. Every bit helps! 

We thank you for your continued support.

It's Not a Joke! Moe the Sloth Turns 10 on April 1

MoFriday, April 1 starts Spring Break at Cranbrook with free admission after 5pm courtesy of MASCO Corporation Foundation and the Free First Fridays program. That night, Moe the sloth will celebrate his tenth birthday in the Bat Zone from 5 to 8:30pm complete with his very own birthday cupcake with sweet potato frosting at 6pm. Admission to the Bat Zone is free, but Moe would greatly a appreciate any of the following gifts for his pantry and home: gift certificates for fruit (Meijer, Kroger), gift certificates for Hardware stores (Home Depot, Ace), red heat lamps, white spot-lights, general office supplies, honey, chicken Baby food, multi-grain baby cereal, glyoxide (Dental wash), Poly-vi-sol (Baby Vitamins), non-latex gloves, packing tape, fresh flowers, liquid bandage or laundry Soap. Stop by to wish Moe a Happy Birthday and sign his card!

Go Wild! Go Birding During Spring Break at the Institute

blue birdThe Institute of Science celebrates Spring Break with a look at our feathered friends now returning from the south, and daily planetarium and bat shows the week of April 4 through 8. Go Wild! Go Birding! introduces visitors to all things avian from 1 to 4pm each day. Special indoor activities including bird and beak adaptations, identifying birds using a field guide, an up-close look at the Institute's amazing bird specimens, binocular use instruction, craft activities, and more will offer a fun and informative look at these living descendents of the dinosaurs! Special programs include Live Raptor Shows in the auditorium at 1:30 and 2:30pm on April 6, and a guided Bird Walk at 2pm on April 7. Throughout the week daily planetarium programs will be offered every hour from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Bat shows will be available at 1:30 and 2:30pm. Go Wild! Go Birding! Activities are free with admission. Tickets to the planetarium and bat shows are $4 for the General public and $3 for Members in addition to General Admission. To preview planetarium program trailers click here.


Science on the Go! Turns Your Classroom into a Field Trip!

StarlabDid you know that Cranbrook Institute of Science will come to your school to present programs using actual dinosaur fossils, Native American artifacts or a portable planetarium? The Institute's GLCE-aligned Science on the Go! programs start at under $2 for a Science Fair for 300 and include a wide range of affordable small- and large-group programs for ages 5 through adult. With the increase costs associated with busses, Science on the Go! is an excellent way to take your class on a field trip without leaving the school. We are still taking Science on the Go! bookings for the 2010-2011 school year. To review program options, click here.