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January 2011
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Take a Geological Tour of Michigan!

The Institute-produced DVD, The Geology of Michigan: An Expedition Through Deep Time, takes viewers through billions of years of geological history at 28 locations throughout Michigan to discover the events that created and continue to impact the Great Lakes and surrounding area. Pick up at copy in the Science Shop the next time you are at the Museum or order it online here.

February at Cranbrook Institute of Science opens with the exciting debut of World of Dinosaurs: The Expedition Continues. New components and skeleton installations, an expanded play area, and related events offer a fresh look at the latest in dinosaur research. We also offer the final Second Saturday Science Series Dino Lab for the season on February 12. If you have not had a chance yet to test your dinosaur excavation skills, join us as we continue the cleaning of the fossils.

Please make note as you plan for Winter Break; the Museum will be open on Monday, February 21. Throughout that week we'll offer planetarium and bat shows daily. Preview clips of programs offered are available on our website at

Outdoors, you may notice a few sap buckets on campus as you drive in. Institute staff were out last week tapping trees in preparation for our Members Only Maple Festival. Please plan to join us on March 6 for this fascinating look at what native peoples called "Ziinzibaakwad." Seating is limited so book now.

Go Science!
World of Dinosaurs: The Expedition Continues Opens to the Public

The Expedition ContinuesThe Institute's blockbuster World of Dinosaurs exhibition continues with new exhibits and skeletons when World of Dinosaurs: The Expedition Continues opens to the public on Friday, February 10. The most comprehensive exhibit about the Mesozoic Era ever presented in Michigan, World of Dinosaurs features more than 60 mounted skeleton casts of dinosaurs, related contemporary animals such as pterosaurs, early birds and marine reptiles, as well as real bones and actual fossil eggs of the major dinosaur groups. Highlights of The Expedition Continues include the giant skull of a massive 40-foot-long, 9-ton alligator Deinosuchus, a stunning 10-foot-tall skeleton of Nothronychus, a bizarre pot-bellied plant eating cousin of T. rex and Velociraptor, and a look at the mystery as to why the skeleton of Nothronychus was found in sea deposits with sharks, plesiosaurs and giant turtles 100 km from the paleoshoreline where it lived! Two guest lectures, an expanded play area and more are part of World Of Dinosaurs: The Expedition Continues.

This exhibition is free with every admission.

Second Saturday Science Series: Dino Lab

WOD PhotoThe Institute presents the last of its Dino Labs on Saturday, February 12 from 1 to 4pm. Visitors will have the opportunity to enter the world of the paleontologist by helping extract actual dinosaur bones from the rock in which they were discovered and cast on-site for conservation. Dino Lab is appropriate for all ages and is free with admission.
Winter Break at the Institute of Science

Winter BreakIf you can't make Dino Lab, plan to see The Expedition Continues during Winter Break, February 21 through 25. Planetarium programs also will be offered on the hour from 11:30am until 2:30pm with bat shows at 12:30 and 2:30pm. Preview planetarium program clips here. Tickets for planetarium or bat zone are $4 plus Museum admission for the general public and $3 for Institute and Organization for Bat Conservation Members. Children under 2 are $1.

The 37th Annual Members Only Maple Breakfast and Festival Continues an Institute Tradition

MapleTaste the first sign of spring during the Institute's popular Members Only Maple Breakfast and Festival. Following a pancake breakfast featuring Michigan Maple Syrup, enjoy tree tapping demonstrations, nature walks, tree identification and sap boiling at the sugar hut along with re-enactors sharing the history of colonial and Native American sugaring processes. Breakfast seatings are available at 9, 10 or 11am. Tickets are $20 for adults, $16 for children ages 2-12 and free for children under 2. Tickets include admission to the museum, breakfast and related activities. Preregistration is required by March 1 for all breakfast seatings. To register, please call 248.645.3245 or click here.

About Us
More than 200,000 visitors flock to Cranbrook Institute of Science each year, making it one of the region's best-known museums of natural history.

Founded in 1904 by Detroit philanthropists George and Ellen Booth, Cranbrook is an internationally renowned center for art, education and science located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Cranbrook Institute of Science is an integral part of that community, having served area schoolchildren and families since its creation in 1930.