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September 2010
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New Hours at the Institute of Science
Please note the Institute of Science has implemented new hours. Except for school holiday breaks in December, January, February and April, Mondays from Labor Day through Memorial Day are reserved for school groups only. We are closed to the general public on Mondays.   New hours Sundays are Noon to 4pm. As always we encourage visitors to check our website for the most up-to-date information related to special open and close times.
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Girl Earth

Welcome back to school!  We hope you had an enjoyable and restful summer.  The Institute had one of its busiest summers in years with more than 450 summer campers honing their scientific skills at Cranbrook. We also opened a new exhibition which we know will be a popular part of the field trip experience at the museum this fall. World of Dinosaurs: Land, Sea and Air was produced by the Institute of Science and features more than 60 full-scale dinosaur skeletons and cast mounts.  Just last week, one young visitor ran into the Traveling Exhibit Hall, gasped, ran back out again and exclaimed "Dad, It's like Dinosaur City down there!!"  We think your students will be amazed.

Two items of note to help you plan your visits this year. Mondays at the
Institute of Science are now reserved exclusively for schools interested in
booking the entire museum or taking programming for the day.  Except for holiday weeks, we are closed to the public on Mondays.  Secondly, we have redesigned our website and improved registration processes. This new site will make it easier for you to register for programs.  You can even shop the Science Shop online now too!!

Check out information about new programming outlined in this E-newsletter and let us help you plan your field trip or in-class program soon!
Go Science! 

Cranbrook Demonstrates Physics of Fling!

TrebuchetWhat better way to dazzle your students into learning the basics of physics than with a three-ton trebuchet launching pumpkins and medicine balls at your school! Originally designed to lay siege to fortifications Cranbrook will not attack your school, but we will launch large pumpkins the distance of a football field or more!

Cranbrook's trebuchet is an awesome tool to demonstrate the principle of conservation of energy, the mathematical nature of projectile motion and the basic laws of kinematics in engaging and inspiring ways that are certain to thrill and awe. This amazing program is offered in three ways: two hours at your school; two hours at the Institute of Science; or one hour at your school and one hour at the Institute (on separate days). Each program includes a classroom component which involves the use of a model trebuchet as well as the hands-on use of the full-scale trebuchet.

Preview this awesome machine on Cranbrook's YouTube channel at
New Programs Go Back in Time, Deep into the Great Lakes and Soar into the Stars!

SturgeonRegistration has begun for field trips to Cranbrook. This year offers new programs Anthropology & Social Studies, Astronomy & Space Science, and Fluid Earth. Students will discover how important the American bison were to Native American culture, experience colonial life in Michigan and learn why the War of 1812 was so important in maintaining America's independence.  We dive into the Great Lakes to witness how the threatened Lake Sturgeon is returning to the Detroit River and surrounding waters making this "dinosaur of the deep" a part of the fish community once again.  This is one of many water programs at Cranbrook. Finally, in Space, we travel back to the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans to examine the mythological legends and stories their vivid imaginations created as they looked at the stars. These programs are a sampling of GLCE-aligned programs designed to help improve your students' test scores.

Download a PDF 2010-2011 Educator Guide or call 248 645.3210 to have a copy mailed to you.
Students Come Face to Face with Dinosaurs at Cranbrook

DinoStudents visiting Cranbrook this fall Travel back 250 million years to the Mesozoic Era and wander among one of Michigan's largest-ever exhibitions of dinosaur fossils and fossil casts during World of Dinosaurs: Land, Sea and Air. Encompassing almost 6,000 square feet with more than 60 full scale dinosaur mounts representing 40 species; World of Dinosaurs brings visitors within inches of the remarkable dinosaurs, reptiles and birds of the Late Jurassic and Cretaceous time periods, commonly referred to as the "Golden Age of Dinosaurs." On land, the terrifying 40-foot-long Tyrannosaurus rex "Stan," one of the largest and most complete of the 30 known T. rex ever discovered, rules the landscape. Under the sea, reptile specimens derived from shallow sea deposits that covered the western interior of North America, North Africa and Europe give a glimpse of some of the marine predators of the time. Overhead, the Pterosaurs are suspended in appropriate portions of the exhibition to complete the immersion experience. 

World of Dinosaurs: Land, Sea and Air runs through January 2, 2011 and is free with every field trip to the Institute of Science.