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a little art, a little craft ...

Hi there, creative type!

Art and craft is meant to be shown and shared. Whether you make it, buy it, or get it as a gift, it's an expression of ourselves - our feelings, our style, and our creativity.

In this issue, I'm sharing some fun, easy ways to display your own work and that of other artists and crafters you enjoy. Surrounding yourself with original art and craft will always brighten your day!

sewing cornerCan you spot all 9 of the handmade
things in my little sewing space? 
(some I made, and some I've
collected from other crafters)

Personalize every room with
a doorknob ormament!


Give lamps a little extra whimsy.lampswitch ornament


Fill the shelves of a tall skinny tower with colorful projects.

Load up the windows of a photo-screen with your favorite papers - these are lush art papers from japan, thailand and india.

Blend different kinds of work within a personal theme. These three pieces all have a rustic look and they are all gifts from my family. A Japanese vase my mother found at an antique
store and a handcarved wooden bird from my godparent's
trip to Minnesota (by C. Peterson) are placed with a
birdhouse painted by my younger brother.


This is a postcard rack I bought from
a drug store going out of business - perfect to display my art cards.


Display art together that shares similar textures and colors. Painting by Alyice Edrich; Gourd by A. Sutton; Teapot by B. Bent.


Show off decorative storage with stacks of books.  Fabric bowl made by Lorraine Rigby; Cigar box!

curtain rod

I used curtain rods and clips to hang my unframed art.


The top of my mini craft supply cabinet is the perfect spot for handmade cards I've received.

block clip

Personalize it! I collaged a blank board block with handpainted ATC papers from my friend Lorraine, then inserted a dowel with a clothespin attached to display the handmade cards she has given me.
Hope you enjoyed that!
Now go and create a little something, would ya?  :-)

Hope you'll tune in - I'll be talking about
C&T's exciting new line of craft sewing books!

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