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Craft Supershow
Booth 758
Friday - Saturday
Jan 22-23, 2010
Convention Center
Anaheim, CA
Free Make-n-Takes throughout both days - Lutradur flowers, mini shadowboxes, fabric postcards and so much more!

CHA Trade Show
Booth 3172
Sunday - Wednesday
Jan 24-27, 2010
Convention Center
Anaheim, CA
Click here for full demo schedule


Guild of Quilters Show
10am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday
March 20-21, 2010
Concord CA


Scraptastic Weekend
Friday - Sunday
April 16-18, 2010
Concord, CA

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Hi there, creative type!

So much excitement happening lately - I just have to tell you!

This Sunday, January 17th at 5:00pm EST, Tiffany Windsor will be interviewing me on Inspired at Home BlogTalk Radio. I hope you'll tune in online to hear more about surface design! You can also listen to shows 24/7 from their archive, or even subscribe to the show free on iTunes. All the details are at the very bottom of the newsletter - scroll down and click on the picture.

There are so many great things planned at CHA for my Lisa Liza Lou booth and the C&T Publishing booth.  Check out my show info down there on the left, in the "Where's the Wares?" box if you're going to either show!

And...I am honored to have been asked to give two pieces of my art to the silent charity auction at Scrapbook Royalty's big crop during the show - my Twilight altered book and my Daisy drawing. I hope I can help SR raise some money for Kids in Need. If you're in Southern California, you should go to this amazing all-day crop! Details are blinking furiously at you over there on the left.  <3

A big heartfelt thanks to everyone who has given me so much encouragement and inspiration to keep up this newsletter! If you enjoy it, please forward it to your arty crafty pals too!  :-)



Steampunk angel

steampunk angel

This little art doll ornament I designed for a Make-n-Take is just a little shout-out to steampunk style...using a blank board block for the body and Lutradur for the wings. Isn't she cute?

1. Stamp a strip of newsprint with your favorite images.
2. Use a gel medium to adhere the newsprint to the blank board block, wrapping it like a  gift box. Apply a coat of medium over the top of the whole block to seal.
3. Cut wing shapes from a sheet of Lutradur and paint as desired. Melt the edges slightly with a heat gun to give them a lacey effect. Glue the wings to the sides of the block.
4. Use scallops scissors to cut a square from a sheet of vellum. Punch a small hole in the center and roll the edges up a bit to use for the doll's collar.
5. With a japanese screw punch or a craft drill, carefully drill a hole into the block at the top and bottom (these blocks are hollow)
6. Twist a regular wood screw almost all the way into the bottom hole.
7. Wrap one end of a scrolly paper clip around the head of the screw and bend the clip as needed to hang down as shown.
8. Use a large jump ring to connect a washer to the bottom of the clip.
9. Repeat #6 for the top of the block, placing your vellum collar over the screw first.
10. Cut a face from vintage clip art into a circle that fits inside a large bottlecap.
11. Adhere and seal the face into the bottlecap with a laminating glue.
12. Repeat #7 for the top of the block and glue the bottlecap to the end of the clip.
13. Wrap some thread or ribbon around the clip behind the face to hang your art doll.
14. Embellish the sides of the block as desired.
A wallet for your ATC's

Last year I bought a delightful fabric ATC wallet from my friend Lorraine. It was such a great idea to have a handy case to carry my cards in when I go to an ATC swap. I was inspired to made another wallet with painted Timtex and Lutradur.

atc wallet

More details are here on my blog for this first wallet I made.

Then for the FiskarsTV channel, I made another style with fabric covers. My segment hasn't aired yet, but I'll keep you posted if and when it does!

At CHA I will be doing a Make-n-Take to show people how to make another style with a cover collaged with gorgeous Thai Unryu papers!  I'll feature all my CHA demo models and Make-n-Takes in my February issues!

Meet Angela Daniels!
handmade notecard
Angela is one of the five Lead Fiskateers who head up a very active online craft community hosted by Fiskars. She is an enthusiastic crafter, a teacher, a candy-lover, a hilarious tweet-typer... and if you dare to tell her that you don't think you're creative, she will take it as a personal challenge to help you find your crafty mojo!

LLL:  Why did you want to be a Lead Fiskateer?
AD:  The day Fiskars went live with this program, I was already on board (which explains why I get to brag that I'm Fiskateer #9). I was a member of several online crafting communities and I was even an editor for an online craft show, but I just had this feeling that Fiskars was doing something special and unique. They were the only crafting company I was aware of at the time that was sincerely looking for real feedback from their customers. I knew I wanted to be a part of what they were doing. Becoming a Lead Fiskateer was just icing on the cake.

LLL:  What was the interview process like? How did you feel when you got the news you were pickfiskateer leadsed?
AD:  To apply, I had to create what they called a "non-resume" which was a challenge for me and my corporate background. Luckily, my crafty side kicked in and I made a folder that included a giant pair of hand-drawn scissors and an image of the Fiskateer website with ME photoshopped in beside the existing Leads. No one would accuse me of being subtle, but it got my point across.
When I found out I was chosen, I was thrilled! I'm not an outwardly emotional person, but I may have danced a little jig when I got off the phone. Then I treated myself to a little orange jewelry shopping on Ebay.

LLL:  What can you tell us about the Lucky Thirteen project?
AD:  The Lucky Thirteen is, quite simply, a circle journal. Scrapbook Royalty founder Elena Etcheverry asked 12 of her crafting friends if we'd like to spend a year creating pages for one another. We had all just happily discovered C&T's blank canvas books, so we decided that would be our foundation. We have spent the last year sending pictures to one another across the country (and out of the country!). Aside from feeling intimidated by the incredible talent of the other 12 artists, I have had a blast learning more about each of these amazing women as I help scrap special times from their year.

LLL:  Do your kids love crafting too?tabby LO
AD:  My 6 year-old daughter, Tabitha, is WAY more crafty than I am. There is no single piece of paper left uncolored, uncut or un-embellished in our home when she's on the loose with my scrapbooking tools - which is all the time. My 8 year-old son, Parker, is not quite as obsessed with crafting as she is, but he's right there with us making cards, illustrating his stories, etc.

LLL:  Whatchya been making lately?
AD:  The most recent craft project I worked on had me chuckling the whole way through it. I overheard Tabitha and her best friend "Peach" planning Peach's upcoming birthday party. When I saw them get out the craft supplies, I couldn't help but join in to make a set of 10 glittery invitations, complete with little hand-cut electric guitars to fit with a Hanna Montana theme. The reason I was amused? I hadn't talked to Peach's mom, so I had NO idea if there really was a promised party in the future. I knew I was complicit in forcing the issue by letting the girls get so involved in creating invitations. It was probably the most devious I've ever been with a craft project. But P.S... the party is a go and Peach's mom was actually happy that I helped the girls make the invitations in advance.

Thanks Angela! Be sure to visit her blogs, SpiderGirl's Web and the Fiskateers.
Thanks for reading! Now go and create a little something, would ya?