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a little art, a little craft ...

Hi there, creative type!

I just had to skip a week there, things got so busy for me...did you miss me?  :-)

A coup is defined as "a brilliant, sudden, and usually highly successful act."  I think it's a real coup when you can look at your scraps of paper and fabric a little differently, and then come up with fun, creative ways to recycle and upcycle them in your projects.
I hope you like the stashbusting ideas in this issue!

I can't believe there is only a week left before Christmas! I hope your holidays are grand...and I'll be back with another issue right after the first of the year.

         ···  Window pane holiday cards
         ···  Raw-edge fabric collage

···  Meet Glenna Valley!
Window pane holiday cards

upcycled holiday cardEvery year I save all the Christmas cards I receive.

In the years that follow, I go to my stash of cards and figure out ways to recycle parts of them to create new cards.

This is one of my favorite ways, and it's super easy too!

Click here for project instructions.
Raw-edge fabric collage

fabric collage

One night a week, I get together with a group of women from my local quilting guild, we call ourselves the "Twisted Thimbles." I'm usually not doing any quilting...but I'm the one who brings in lots of quilting books and magazines from my office for everyone to read, and I tend to work on lots of other kinds of craft projects.

In our meeting room, there's a table where guild members can leave spare fabric and scraps for swapping. One night I dug through and found six different fabrics that I liked parts of, and I cut out a little scene of flowers along a picket fence. After pinning it all down...well then I let it sit for a month or two, as we often do.

But eventually I picked it back up again and sewed all around the edges with brown the style of raw-edge appliqué. I let my stitches roam up and down and all around, and now I have a lovely 10"x18" fabric collage to frame and hang.

Find a bunch of scrap fabric and give it a try - it's fun!

fabric collage detail

Meet Glenna Valley!glenna valley

Glenna is an avid quilter, cardmaker, stamper, home décor sewer, and a lover of all things glittered!

LLL:  What are you totally into right now?
GV:  I love coloring stamped images on my cards with Prisma pencils, and then blending the colors with Gamsol - it just makes me happy!   I also spend time doing appliqué and quilting - that's when my mind starts whirling with all sorts of new ideas. I have projects going on in all the crafts I love, there are just too many things to have fun with!

LLL:  What inspires you the most and gets you feeling creative?
GV:  Nature - but its beauty is elusive and can be difficult to depict literally.  So I just look for individual elements in the nature around me, such as a color or texture, to get the feel of it in my work.

LLL:  How long have you been quilting and how has it enhanced your life?
GV:  I've been quilting since 1982, and I love it! It's a way for me to bring together color, pattern, and texture into something that is appreciated and used every day. I have so much fun playing with lots of different color combinations. I may not want to decorate a whole room with some colors, but I can still enjoy them in a lap quilt, snuggling on the sofa. I know that sounds silly, but it does make me smile.

LLL:  Why is fabric so darned addictive?
GV:  Color, pattern, texture...I want it all! Too many times I have NO idea what I am going to do with the fabric I buy, but it just thrills me to have it around. I figure it can always go on the back of a quilt!

LLL:  What was the longest time you let your dining room table stayed covered with crafting stuff?
GV:  Probably 3 to 4 months, yikes!!! But what fun...

Thanks Glenna!
Be sure to visit her blog - Fabric, paper & stamps...oh my!
Thanks for reading! Now go and create a little something, would ya?