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By Jan Bode Smiley

Innovative ways to use fabric in scrapbooks, altered books, & more!

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Here's where I will be teaching, selling and/or demo-ing.

Email me for details - come on over!!

Holiday Boutique
Sunday 12/6/09
St. David's School
871 Sonoma St.
Richmond, CA

Scrapbooking with an Edge Class  
Sunday 12/6/09
Concord, CA

Altered Book Class
Saturday 12/12/09
Concord, CA

Cardmaking Madness!  
Sunday 12/13/09
Concord, CA

ATC Club 
Saturday 1/9/10
Concord, CA

Craft Supershow
Friday - Saturday
Jan 22-23, 2010
Convention Center
Anaheim, CA

CHA Trade Show
Sunday - Wednesday
Jan 24-27, 2010
Convention Center
Anaheim, CA

Guild of Quilters Show
10am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday
March 20-21, 2010
Concord CA

Scraptastic Weekend
Friday - Sunday
April 16-18, 2010
Concord, CA

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Upcycled holiday greeting cards

Fabric collage

a little art, a little craft ...

Hi there, creative type!

I can't believe it's already December!! Only 23 crafting days left! Hope this issue provides some inspiration for your handmade gifts this year.

Altered candy tins
VIDEO иии Card keepers
PROFILE иии Meet Suzi Blu!

Altered candy tinsaltered tin side view

Even the tiniest of tins can be turned into something beautiful and useful. After eating the yummy chocolates in this 3.5" flat round tin, I painted and embellished it, then filled it with fancy paper clips.altered tin lid

1. Paint edge of lid and the base of tin with black alcohol ink to cover any printing about the former contents.
2. Use collage glue to adhere a circle of fabric or paper to the top of the lid, then coat the top with more collage glue and allow to dry.
3. Dab around the edges of the top of the lid with acrylic paint.
4. Use a craft glue to adhere embellishments to the top of the lid-I used a metal scroll-shaped jewelry finding, small beads, a small glass heart, and a little key charm.
Card keeperscard keeper

This video shows you how to paint a Ready-to-Go! Blank Board Box with alcohol inks, then embellish it with UTEE-coated paper flowers.

I learned this flower technique from a super creative woman I met in an altered book class.

You can purchase these fabulous boxes at 25% off retail right here!

Meet Suzi Blu!suzi blu
Suzi Blu is an amazing artist, an inspiring teacher, and she's all about empowering women to find their own artist within.

LLL:  What are you totally into right now?
SB:  Actually, it's scrapbooking. I've never done it. Well, I still don't want to do it, the regular way. I want to breed scrapbooking with art journaling and create photo books that are messy and gritty. Obsessed I am.

LLL:  What inspired you to start Les Petit Academy?
SB:  My online academy happened spontaneously. I was selling art on ebay and my customers would ask me about techniques and want to learn. I realized my customer base was beginner artists who not only liked my style, but wanted to do it themselves. I looked into how to host videos online and found the NING forum to be the easiest. It's been great for teaching and creates an environment much like a real school where you are locked away in private rooms and free to talk and post whatever you want without the world seeing it. Great for fledgling artists who need a closed group.

LLL:  If you weren't an artist, what would you life be like?
SB:  If I had another life, I'd play the violin. It has no frets and takes a lifetime to learn so I can't do it now. But that's still artsy. For a non-art job, I would help people to relax and feel great about themselves. In essence that is what I strive to do with teaching - give women back their power. It's not even about art, it's about daring to make a mark and loving it no matter what anyone else thinks. And to stick with it until the mark truly represents what you want it to. That can be applied to all areas of life.

LLL:  How does art feed you?
SB:  When I don't make art, I have questions and fears and chaos in my head...and when I make art, all of the questions are answered and I am calm. I've been through deaths and betrayals and art makes things right. For me it is going home. Much like meditation, which I don't do because I'd rather make art, I get into alignment with the authentic parts of myself when I do it. It heals me even if I don't know how or why. Just the act of doing it cures.

LLL:  How did your dog Gigi learn to sing so well?
SB:  I adopted Gigi a little over a year ago from a rescue in Pennsylvania, but she is 8 years old. She was abused and neglected and for a year barely made a sound. Recently she's met a chihuahua named Fred whom she adores, and when Fred screeches, Gigi screeches too. Dogs that were locked up gigi le dogand without kind people or other dogs around don't know how to be dogs and need to relearn everything. It makes me warm inside every time she does something new, like play with toys or even whine. It's like my students finding their voice. The louder Gigi 'sings' the more it's like, "Screw you, mean people, I'm going to SHINE whether you like it or not." That is the basis of everything, whether you are an artist or tiny white dog.

Thanks Suzi!
Be sure to visit her online community, Les Petit Academy.

Now go and create a little something, would ya?

Until next week...