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Lutradur book
By Lesley Riley

If you haven't worked with Lutradur« yet, what are you waiting for? It's this fabulous cross between paper and fabric - the best of both worlds! This book will give you lots of great ideas for how to incorporate Lutradur into your art and craft. Two sheets are included in the back, too!

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ATC Club 
1st Sat every month
Concord, CA

Cardmaking Madness  
2nd Sun every month
Concord, CA

Holiday Boutique
Sunday 12/6/09
St. David's School
871 Sonoma St.
Richmond, CA

Scrapbooking with an Edge Class  
Sunday 12/6/09
Concord, CA

Altered Book Class
Saturday 12/12/09
Concord, CA

Craft Supershow
Friday - Saturday
Jan 22-23, 2010
Convention Center
Anaheim, CA

CHA Trade Show
Sunday - Wednesday
Jan 24-27, 2010
Convention Center
Anaheim, CA

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a little art, a little craft ...

Hi there, creative type!

Well, I hope this newsletter is as fun for you to read as it is for me to write! It's such a joy to come up with new ideas and find lots of different sources of inspiration each share with all of you.

Feel free to share this newsletter with your arty crafty pals too; there are links at the bottom of the email for forwarding and/or re-posting. And thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind words of encouragement!

Paint stamping
VIDEO иии Pastel crayon effects
PROFILE иии Meet Alyice Edrich

Paint stamping

I love stamping with acrylic paints instead of ink pads. There's just a bit more more texture and depth, plus it's so easy to blend colors on the spot.

I use fingertip sponge dabbers to tap paint on to the stamp. For this greeting card, I used white laced with a touch of iridescent gold. I stamped on cardstock, velvet paper, and grungeboard.

handmade notecard

You can dab the paint on heavily and then press the stamp to your surface really lightly for lots of texture, or you can apply less paint and press the stamp firmly for a flatter impression. Either way, the paint yields really nice, dense color. I really like stamping ghost images too, with a second and third press of the stamp.

handmade notecard detail

Paint can be more forgiving than ink. You have a little time to move the paint around a bit with a toothpick or small brush before it dries, in case any intricate areas of the stamp fill in. It's also easy to brush on a little more paint to fill in areas of the image more heavily as needed.

Acrylic paints wash right off with water while they're wet. It's a good idea to rinse off your stamps and dabbers immediately after using (I wasn't so careful with my dabbers, but a little dried paint doesn't seem to hinder their performance). Acrylics are permanent when dry without needing to be heat-set, so they're perfect for stamping on fabric, too!

paint supplies

Pastel crayon effects
Scholle painting
I have loved Cray-Pas oil pastels by Sakura for many years...ever since I bought this beautiful piece by artist Kim Scholle, which hangs in my entry hall. Kim used to demo for Sakura at trade shows, where she created this 2'x3' self-portrait with Cray-Pas. 

But you don't have to have Kim's kind of talent to enjoy oil pastels! I learned some great techniques from Lea Cioci, author of Creative Art Concepts for Papercrafts.
Rosebud ATC
Click here for a how-to video
that shows two easy ways to use oil pastels to create beautiful, color-rich backgrounds for your cards, ATCs, scrapbook layouts, and tags.

This ATC's background was made with oil pastels, then I drew the rosebud on top with opaque paint markers.

Meet Alyice Edrich иииAlyice Edrich
Alyice Edrich, is a freelance writer and aspiring mixed media artist. I am the happy owner of one of her artistic upcycled canisters; her work is unique and colorful!

LLL:  What are you totally into right now?
AE:  Right now I am totally into recycling old jars and canisters into vases and holders. Not only do I get to practice blending techniques, but I get to practice textures. I also get huge satisfaction when the piece is done -- in knowing that something
I created with my hands and mind is beautiful and useable.

LLL:  Which artists inspire you the most?
AE:  Carolyn Quan  is a huge inspiration to me. She is an amazing photographer with a huge artistic vision. She blends several of her images into a single, seamless image that is not only breathtaking but captivating.

Wyanne,  a mixed-media painter, is also an inspiration. I am not sure if she officially suffers from depression, but after reading her blog for some time, I get the impression that she does -- and to see her achieve such beauty in her works, and to see her constantly move forward with her art career in spite of it is inspirational.

Christy Hydeck  is an artist I only discovered a few months ago. What inspires me about her, more than her art, is her heart and her determination to carve out the life she knows she deserves. Christy is bipolar, and unlike those I've met who allow the illness to stop them dead in their tracks, she perseveres. She works through the bad days and turns out some amazing works-both in her words and her art.

LLL:  What have you tried, but just couldn't get into?
AE:  Knitting and quilting. Both are tedious and time consuming.
I tend to want results now. Besides, quilting seems to need some math and sewing skills -- both of which I have none of.

LLL:  Name 3 art or craft books you love; what did you learn?
AE:  Paint Happy is an amazing book. The art is whimsical and fun, so it may not be for everyone, but oh, the message she preaches is! She talks about creating art that goes beyond technique and methods, beyond what sells and pays the bills, beyond "what's in." She talks about creating art with "complete abandon." To create art that makes you happy, regardless of the audience. the critics, the viewer -- because only then can you create art that sells.

Paint Effects Master Class  is actually a source book for "creating beautiful, easy-to-achieve interiors," but I find it a fascinating book for creating backgrounds for all types of paintings, mixed media projects, and even my art jars. It talks about the decorative use of painting, how to use color to decorate (and in a sense all art decorates a home in one way or another), and shows several painterly techniques.

Sponge Painting  teaches you how to create nature scenes using an ordinary household sponge. What I learned from this book is that we, as new artists, make things far too difficult. Art doesn't have to be complicated to create, it just needs to be fun. Tse uses an ordinary sponge to create beautiful works of art, and that's a true inspiration no matter what media you use.

LLL:  Tell us about your favorite pet!
AE:  I can't say I really have a favorite. Though our latest pet,
a 7-year-old cockatiel named ShyAnne, is a real treat. She has character and lets you know when she wants attention, when she wants to be left alone, and when she wants which person in the family. She also seems to have acquired a little character from each one in the family -- it's a real hoot to watch her act just like each of us!

Thanks Alyice! Be sure to visit her websites,  Alyice Edrich, Coming Home and The Dabbling Mum.
Now go and create a little something, would ya?

Until next week...