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Birds of a feather
We have just two feathers so's

a sad  little bird!  :-(

So I'm extending this challenge another week - come on and join us, make a feather!


It's a collaboration of artists and crafters... together let's make
a beautiful bird with a collection of one-of-a-kind feathers!

1. Create any kind of feather in any size and style  you want! Stamp, draw, paint, collage, sculpt...

2. Snap a good clear picture of it against a white background.

3. Email your feather picture to me.

I will put your virtual feathers together on a bird's body and post it online for everyone to enjoy!

The deadline to email your feathers to me is 11/14/09.  Go for it !!

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a little art, a little craft ...

Hi there, creative type!

Phew...we made it to a second issue! Other than a couple font color glurps, I think the first issue went out alright - you?  I'm very open to your feedback - please let me know what is (or is not) working for you!

Canvas scrapbook
ATC SWAP ··· Mixed media madness
VIDEO ··· Watercolor and pastel pencils
Lauren Ferguson
··· "Birds of a feather" collaboration update
Canvas scrapbook
Here's an idea for a different kind of scrapbook, it's completely outside the 12x12 layout. Try on a blank canvas book for size!
Raw duck canvas is a great foundation for paint, glue, stitching, stamping, journaling, image transfers, and more.

Click here for a quick video that outlines the basic steps I took to create this scrapbook.

Click here for an audition I had this past summer on ScrappyTV that showcases another canvas scrapbook I made.
handmade notecard
Give it a shot!
Mixed media madness
Never fear mixing that media! ATCs are the perfect format to experiment with new techniques and materials and combine them together in new ways.

I made these two ATCs with acrylic paint, pastel pencil, chalk ink...and there was some stamping, transfers, embossing and collaging going on, too!

I'd love to swap mixed media ATCs with you. Click here for free project instructions
and email me when you're ready to trade!

handmade notecard
Watercolor and pastel pencils ···sunflower
Suddenly I'm very into yellow. Don't know
if I'm channeling Big Bird, or hungry for a banana or what...but I seem to be splashing yellow about my work more lately. I guess that's a good thing, I was probably spending a little too much time with the black and copper anyway.

Here's a little video where I show you
how I drew the petals and leaves for this sunflower, using Inktense watercolor pencils and Carbothello pastel pencils.

Meet Lauren Ferguson ···handmade notecard
May I introduce to you, the inimitable woman that is Lauren...she has mad talent and a magnetic personality!

LLL:   What are you totally into right now?
LF:   Nothing in particular and everything specifically. The Mojo Fairy just showed up last Wednesday, so we are getting reacquainted.

LLL:   How does teaching make you feel?  
LF:   Like the most popular kid in school! There is something magical that happens when women gather together to exchange creative mojo. I get to be in the center of it all.

LLL:   Who or what inspires you the most?
LF:   Anything and everything! I love the creative process. It is as complicated as it is simple. I always ask myself, "does this thing that I just made represent me with a clear, authentic voice? Does it show my view of the world?" And sometimes the answer is "No!" Those pieces are in the box of half-finished projects.

LLL:   Do you call yourself an "artist" or a "crafter"...and why?
LF:  I call myself a Mixed Media Artist. I am an eco-conscious/green/environmentally-friendly designer. I recycle, upcycle, repurpose, reuse, reduce and pick through the trash. In the end, does it really matter what I call myself? I make stuff that speaks to the soul.

LLL:  Care to share your favorite guilty pleasure?
LF:   Venti Caramel Macchiato, 6 shots of espresso, extra extra extra caramel. It is like a little bit of sunshine in a cup!

Thanks Lauren!!  Be sure to visit her blog - Everything Altered
Now go and create a little something, would ya?

Until next week...