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Recently I took part in an online art challenge with four other people that was a blind collaboration. 

Each of us was assigned one part of a body to create in any style/medium we wanted...draw, paint, collage, etc. But we didn't know what the others were doing. I painted a left arm and hand, took a picture of it and emailed it to our host. Then the host put together all of our images to form an "exquisite corpse."
It was hilarious!
If you are on Facebook, you can see the result here.

So how about we do our own version of a blind collaboration?

Here's my idea...
a beautiful peacock!

1. Create a feather
in any size, style and mediums you want.

2. Snap a good clear picture of it against a white background.

3. Email your feather picture to me.

I will put your virtual feathers together on a peacock's body and post it online for everyone to enjoy!

The deadline to email your feathers to me is 11/7/09.  Go for it !!

Visit my blog!

a little art, a little craft ...

Hi there, creative type!

Welcome to my premier issue!  Here's the good stuff within...

Altered Cookie Tin
Marbled Paper
Lorraine Rigby
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··· Blind Collaboration

Thanks so much for being among my first 100+ subscribers!!
To launch my first issue, I had offered a prize for one lucky name
to be drawn at random from the first 50 subscribers. And wow... over 100 of you subscribed this past weekend!

So I want to give away TWO prizes from the first 100 to celebrate!

I used to generate 2 numbers...18 and 94.
   18th subscriber:    Cindy deRosier
   94th subscriber:    Jessica Germain

Congrats!! You will each get a Ready-to-Go! Blank Canvas Book, some Liquitex Acrylic Ink and some assorted embellies - I can't wait to see what you create! 

Watch next week's newsletter for an idea...  :-)

I am humbled, grateful and excited by all your support and warm wishes...I hope you will enjoy these weekly arty crafty blurbs!
altered cookie tin
Altered Cookie Tin ···
Some things are just too good to be tossed into the recycling bin! I bought some cookies in a tall, sturdy tin that just begged to be altered...I won't tell you how fast I ate the cookies in order to empty the tin...

I used Liquid Laminate to adhere this super cute pink and brown mushroom fabric to the tin. I added ribbon trim around the top and bottom, dabbed alcohol ink around the rim of the lid, and added  a paper chippy embellishment on top.

I think maybe I'm going to use it to store my alcohol inks. It's ever so much cuter than the stupid plastic drawer thingy I have now!
Click here for detailed project instructions.

marbled papers
Marbled paper ···
I love translucent paper (aka vellum) because it adds such a nice light and airy feel to my projects. It's also super smooth like a coated paper, so it holds alcohol inks perfectly.  It's  fun to blend  inks together to create marbled effects.

Click here to purchase my handpainted ATC papers.
A pack of 10 sheets (2.5"x3.5")
for just $3.00!

Click here for a video on how to created marbled effects.

Meet Lorraine Rigby ···
Lorraine Lorraine is a prolific collage artist from Liverpool, UK. I first met her online through a craft site, and we became fast friends. Her style is totally original, and like me, she is willing to try any and all types of art and craft!

LLL:   What are you into right now?
LR:   I am totally into fabric right now, having finished some scrappy 9-patch cushions...hoping to make some more quilty type cushions this coming week. I also want to try appliqué as I have never done that before.

LLL:   How do you find time to create?  
LR:   I don't watch TV as I think it is such a drain just sitting there when you could be creating something.  I usually like to create in between the school run and visiting the gym.

LLL:   Who or what inspires you the most?
LR:   My garden and nature inspires me, especially the wonderful colours of autumn. I also find that after doing a yoga class, lots of arty ideas pop into my take the time to relax and look at nature if you're stuck in a creative block.

LLL:   Do you call yourself an "artist" or a "crafter"...and why?
LR:  I don't really like labels, but I think I am more of a crafter as I like to do everything - from playing with inks, paints and fabrics to rag rugging and felting. I like to try my hand at every kind of craft and if it doesn't work, so what? At least I have had a go!

LLL:  What is the most interesting thing in your fridge today?
LR:   Alioli spanish garlic dip is just gorgeous on toast, or with a bit of tuna and spinach...even my 9-year old likes it. And it keeps the colds and vampires away!!!

Thanks Lorraine!!  Be sure to visit her blog - Love of Collage
Now go and create a little something, would ya?

Until next week...