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     JULY 2010
 In this issue of our newsletter, we want to focus on the exciting news in the world of Non-Halogen Flame Retardants related to the launching of several new FR products at JJI and a cooperative effort with a reputable distributor which will allow us to support customers with our products and services internationally. We are excited to share this information with you and wish your business much continued success in 2010!  
 In our continued efforts to meet our customers' needs, we are commercializing BRAND NEW Non-Halogen FR blended systems and concentrates. Whether you are a compounder, a molder or end application user, this new line of FR products brings the base technology and familiar high performance of JJAZZ, one step further to acheive your specialty FR formulation needs. See why our new line of FR systems and concentrates are the solutions you have been looking for!
Did you also know that JJI can formulate, custom compound or master batch your formulations from small to full-scale quantities, assisting you from development to production? If you are at production capacity and need more line time, or have a custom product that you need produced quickly, we have the knowledge, customer service, quality and capacity to economically meet your needs.
Lastly, we wanted to emphasize our commitment to our customers. Our business model focuses on customer service with customization and developing fast and effective FR solutions for specialty applications. We have proven that this model works by reaching solutions for customer projects in record time and success. We hear so often that our competition does not have this as their top priority. We firmly believe that with the increasingly complex world of flame retardants and myriad of testing requirements, in order to solve a problem for a customer related to FR, there needs to be a high degree of understanding with shared  development and support. We pledge  to always put our customers first and offer the best customer service along with our FR products. This is our mission at JJI Technologies.  We would love to hear about your FR needs. Please call us to find out how we can serve you.
All of JJI Technologies' products are Made In The USA and are quality manufactured with our customers specific needs in mind.
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JJI Technologies goes INTERNATIONAL.....
In an effort to expand our reach from North America we have partnered with an exclusive distributor for the Chinese markets.  The advantage of this partnership will be to have a direct link to our existing customers and new customers in China to help  quickly grow in this market.
 With the continued focus on Halogen regulations and the abandonment of this technology from many industries, including electronics, our Non-Halogen FR technology is the best solution for compounders in this region.  With low loading levels, superior FR protection and other benefits such as improved physical properties, low specific gravity and non-blooming or leaching, our materials are well received and poised to quickly become the Non-Halogen FR products of choice for manufacturers in China.
Our distribution partner, Shanghai Brightfield Chemical Co., Ltd is positioned to sell, market and warehouse our products from the Shanghai region of China.  They will have full use of our technical capabilities and equipment here in the U.S and provide direct customer support.
For more details about our distributor, please contact JJI Technologies or visit their website below:
440.354.3919 EST
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