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MARCH 2010
2010 has already been a busy year for JJI Technologies.  Suppliers, partners, and customers have all noted a dramatic increase in activity surrounding flame retardants: developing new FR products, evaluating new FR applications, and reassessing current FR materials. 
One primary reason for the increase in Non-Halogen Flame Retardant activity relates to the evolving regulatory environment surrounding Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs), especially polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs).  The phase out of these materials has resulted in increased interest in sustainable alternatives. Additonally, recent findings indicating that deca-BDEs, which were not initially subject to regulatory action, represent a substantial persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic concern. This has increased the need for "bromine-free" FRs that perform as well as, or better than, their halogenated counterparts.  JJI's Phosphate-based FR's are technologies that many manufacturers have identified as viable alternatives to deca-BDEs.
 JJI's scientists and engineers are proven leader in the FR field and are committed to helping our customers find more sustainable technologies for their specific applications. Our staff pledge the highest level of service to our customers seeking the most explicit and critical burn testing criteria.
We hope that 2010 continues to be a properous year for all. Thank you for your business and interest in our products! 
 All of JJI Technologies' products are Made In The USA and are quality manufactured with our customers specific needs in mind.
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A look at deca-BDE regulations.......
Where does the industry go from here???
"We were thinking that [Deca-BDE] will not enter the biological system
and it will not be bioavailable, but this has been proven wrong."
- Mehran Alaee, research scientist with Canada's National Water Research Institute, 2003
"Deca-BDE is more of a problem than perhaps realized and we do have a number of arguments now to ban it. We know it is accumulating in birds of prey and seeing it in mother's milk is a bad observation."
- Ake Bergman, Stockholm University environmental chemist who conducted the first studies on BFR uptake in the human body, quoted in the Los Angeles Times August 24, 2003
It has been widely known for some time that Halogen FR's, for all of their effectiveness, present a risk to human health and the environment due to their persistence and accumulation in bio-organisms, specifically from consumer products that have traditionally relied on these chemicals for their properties and performance. Despite these challenges across the entire family of Halogen-based FR's, the use of  deca-BDE (decabromodiphenyl ether) has continued. Due to new concerns about this product, Brominated FR manufacturers will voluntarily phase-out manufactured and imported deca-BDE products, for the most part, by late 2012. This action will force many customers to find other FR alternatives, regardless of specific regulation.

In the United States, certain states (Maine, Washington, Oregon and Vermont) have instituted bans on the use of deca-BDE for some applications (mattresses, furniture). A more comprehensive ban is expected as safer phosphate-based FR technologies are specified in these applications. Washington State has already acknowledged that a "safer" alternative in a phophate based FR technology does exist to replace deca-BDE. Other states are also considering restrictions on the use of deca-BDE in consumer products (California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, and New York). 


While more detailed information is needed from FR manufacturers to allow downstream users to make informed substitution decisions, the switch to Non-Halogenated chemicals is a sound, scientifically-based precautionary action.  This step is a crucial one along the path to more sustainable and environmentally safer products. 

At JJI Technologies, we bring the most effective, Non-Halogen FR technology to you.  As you face the difficult business decision to switch to Non-Halogen FR's, JJI can quickly assemble custom Non-Halogen FR technologies as part of your "Halogen-free" solution. Our highly knowledgeable staff can help customize an FR package that fits all of your FR needs.
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