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          HAPPY NEW YEAR
Q1 2010
We would like to thank all of our customers and companies we have worked with in 2009 and companies we hope to work with in 2010. JJI Technologies satisfied the needs of a wide range of companies in 2009, from plastics to adhesives.  We look forward to actively formulating FR blends and products for specific solutions for you in the future.
We are here to help you meet your specific FR needs for the various industries in which you are selling products..
Our team of experienced and knowledgable scientists, engineers and associates can answer questions you have from compounding to formulation to flame resistant testing, standards and applications.
Look for our line of products and services:
  • Non-Halogen FRs
  • Polymer Modifiers
  • Technical Support
  • Lab-Scale Processing
 All of JJI Technologies' products are Made In The USA and are quality manufactured with our customers specific needs in mind.
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The time for Jemini 100™ has come.....
Chris Tyra
First in a line of quality liquid polymer modifiers that do more than you think!
Jemini 100
Enhancing the processing and physical properties of rigid plastics has never been easier with JJI Technologies' new phthalate-free, non-petroleum based, agri-derived polymer modifier, JEMINI 100™.
Greater material output, easier processibility,
improved physical properties,and enhanced flame retardancy
in compounds with heavily loaded mineral-based FR's are the key ingredients that have plastic compounders using JEMINI 100™ in many different compounding applications.
JEMINI 100™ polymer modifiers are ignition resistant, thermally stable up to 280 degrees C and allow extraordinary high loadings of fillers in compounds, many of which cannot be processed without the addition of a modifier.
"A compound, which typically loses key physical properties and becomes very brittle when heavily loaded with mineral-based FR's and other fillers, will show a dramatic improvement in elongation, flex modulus and impact resistance due to the plasticizing effect of the JEMINI products.", says David Diefenthal, President of JJI Technologies.
JEMINI 100™ works in a variety of materials, but is best suited for non-polar plastics (e.g. PP or PE) where flammability is a concern.  Loading levels are dependent on resin and application but typical loading levels range from 3-9% by weight.
 Whether it be wire/cable, electronics, molded plastics or any other variety of applications, look for JEMINI 100™ to solve your compounding problems. Call and ask one of our experienced sales associates for more information.
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    .....with Phosphate-based Non-Halogen Flame Retardants
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     Let industry leading Non-Halogen FRs help you meet your
     most severe FR requirements
 JJAZZ® Flame Retardants 
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