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November 1, 2010
Dear ,Tobacco Junction strives everyday to bring you choices.  In today's market it is increasingly difficult to find someone in the tobacco business who is local and has the same interests that you do.  Here at Tobacco Junction we have a passion for Premium Cigars, Pipes,  tobacco's and all the accoutrements that go with that passion.
This newsletter will keep you informed as to what we are up to and bring you information on new products, events, and legislative updates that affect our passion for Fine Tobaccos.
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Thanksgiving a Perfect Time for a Cigar 

Thanksgiving is a time to relax and reflect on our lives and give thanks for what we have.  After the meal and before attacking the leftovers is a perfect time to have a cigar.  It would be a good idea if there are a few of you to smoke the same cigar, then compare notes on what each of you percieve about the cigar.


It may also be a good idea to smoke a Connecticut Shade cigar so we don't overpower those who are not used to a strong cigar.  Have your significant other try a cigar with you, it may be a new experience for them but what better time to try, it may give you something you can enjoy together as a couple. 


So, those of you who did not see me at the Halloween costume contest, it is your loss, or....possibly your gain.  I am not sure how good I look with dread-locks but I did get lots of laughs...still not sure if they were at me or with me.  On the other hand we did have Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood,  a Texas Rangers ball player, a Princess and some 50's outfits.  As a late comer the Jester was pretty good.  The awards went to the 50's outfits, yes all three.  The Best Costume, The Most Sexy, and What the Hell were you Thinking!

The Drew Estates Rep Ryan Poehler was a big hit.  He engaged our customers and was impressed with the questions our customers gave him.  We gave out lots of samples and cutters, some ballcaps and even a few shirts.  He said he travels through eight states and we have the best lounge he has seen and will definitely be back to do more events for both Drew Estates and Gurkha.
  Ashton initially was going to do their event in November, but has re-scheduled for December and will call back with an exact date.  This event will be limited, and pair Liquor, chocolate, nuts and other foods with cigars.  More on this when we get a firm date.
 We are currently hiring a full time person so if any of you know anyone looking in the McGregor area tell them to get on in here.
 Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and don't forget to come in and get your cigars for Thanksgiving Day...

Geography and Climate  

While tobacco is grown as far north as Canada and as far south as New Zealand, the greatest cigar tobacco growing region on earth is located between the Tropic of Cancer (23.5˚ North of the Equator) and the Tropic of Capricorn (23.5˚ South of the Equator).




While there are indigenous and wild forms of Nicotiana (Cow Tongue/Silver Tongue) growing throughout this island nation, there was never a deeply rooted cigar tobacco culture in Jamaica.  Around 1875, Cuban emigrants brought tobacco seeds to Jamaica and started the local cigar industry. 


Over the last century, many popular brands have used Jamaican tobacco as part of their filler blends.  There have also been a number of very famous brands, including Royal Jamaica and Macanudo, rolled there as well.  For a multitude of reasons, including war, hurricanes, and labor problems, the island has failed to achieve the status and momentum of neighboring Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  The final chapter on Jamaican tobacco has yet to be written, so stay tuned

 We serve Arbuckle coffee in McGregor and sell the beans as well, if you need them grinded just say so!
In addition to the distinct coffee from around the world, we offer flavored coffee such as chocolate hazelnut, cappuccino, amaretto, cinnamon orange, hazelnut, mudslide, irish cream and others.
We also offer a selection of hot tea for those who wish.  The Numi teas are of the highest quality and will make your evenings here the most relaxing you have had in a long time...
Gaming at TJ's Cigar Lounge
Texas Hold'em, dominoes, chess

The lounge area is great for those who wish to play cards or other games.  We  have tables, a poker template if needed, and so forth. 

Pipe Corner
Just a quick thought...
Cigar smoking and pipe smoking have several things in common, and not in common.   Pipe smoking is more about the ritual, coupled with the enjoyment.  We hope to bring just a few hints about how to enjoy a pipe here.


Today, seven types of leaf are in general use for tobacco blending:


VIRGINIA: a sweet-tasting and light tobacco which forms a large part of the content of pipe tobacco in the UK.
BURLEY: an air-cured tobacco, mild yet distinctive in flavor, which provides the base for many mixtures.
SUN CURED: a stronger tobacco with a very full flavor
FIRE CURED: the strongest of all full-strength tobaccos, though it provides an exceptionally cool smoking quality.
ORIENTAL: grown largely in the Balkans and eastern Mediterranean: and providing a distinctively aromatic smoke.
LATAKIA: again, a product of the eastern Mediterranean, and used in certain mixtures to give a distinctive flavor.
PERIQUE: grown largely around New Orleans, and subject to a curing process known to only one family, perique is used as a seasoner for other pipe tobaccos, providing a distinctive taste and aroma.

Ultimately the pleasure of a good tobacco lies in the blending process: individual manufacturers jealously guard the secrets of their own brands, which are as numerous and distinctive as individual pipe designs - from the richness of Latakia-based mixture, to the mellowness of certain of the Virginia flakes.


The beginner is faced with a multitude of choices, and it is only by trial and error that he will find the exact blend to meet his taste.

Initially, however, a couple of points are well worth bearing in mind: that the lighter and more fine-cut the tobacco, the hotter and quicker it is to burn. The more moist, heavy and coarse the mix, the slower it is to burn and the more it relies on expertise to keep alight.


Between these extremes there is a wide range of choice and it is possibly better for the new Pipeman to select one of the blander varieties before experimenting with any of the more exotic, or rarefied brands. He should ideally start with a medium strength, ready-rubbed tobacco of a medium cut. Alternatively, imported tobaccos from Holland and Scandinavia offer many advantages to the new Pipesmoker. They are relatively mild, aromatic and pleasantly flavored, with the additional advantage of staying alight easily.


The golden rule is to keep trying and experiment with other brands. Sometimes the beginner may give up too soon just because he has got hold of the wrong tobacco for his palate.

Pipe Repair Reference 
La Gloria Cubana Serie N

New in the Humidor
Tobacco Junction is a family owned business here in Texas and has been here since 1997.  It is always a pleasure to visit with everyone, if you have any questions or concerns please ask for me personally, I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
David Livingston 
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