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March 1, 2010
Dear ,Tobacco Junction strives everyday to bring you choices.  In today's market it is increasingly difficult to find someone in the tobacco business who is local and has the same interests that you do.  Here at Tobacco Junction we have a passion for Premium Cigars, Pipes,  tobacco's and all the accoutriments that go with that passion.
This newsletter will keep you informed as to what we are up to and bring you information on new products, events, and legislative updates that affect our passion for Fine Tobaccos.

Tobacco Junction Introduces
JFR Cigars

Made by Tabacalera Tropical, the name says it all, "JFR" stands for Just for Retailers, sold to retailers with brick and mortar stores. Rumor has it these were blended by Don Pepin Garcia after his exodus from Cuba.


A rich medium bodied smoke with a Corojo 1999 wrapper.  The corojo blend has rich core flavors of wood, spice.  Constructed of Nicaraguan tobacco and made in Nicaragua, all sizes are finished with a pigtail at the head with exception of the Piramide size.

A rich Full bodied smoke.  The maduro blend has rich III Habano Maduro wrapper.  Core flavors of earth, wood, spice with a slight hint of sweetness.  Constructed of Nicaraguan tobacco and made in Nicaragua, all sizes are finished with a pigtail at the head with exception of the Piramide size.


A rich Full bodied smoke. This authentic III Habano Connecticut, All Cuban seed blend has rich core flavors of earth, wood, spice with a slight hint of sweetness.  Constructed of Nicaraguan tobacco and made in Nicaragua. All sizes are finished with a pigtail at the head with exception of the Piramide size.

 SUPER TORO 6 1/2 X 52
Price Ea: $ 4.50
Price Box of 50: $ 215.00

Cigar 101
 Cigar Myths and legends
Virgin Thighs
Myth: In Cuba, cigars are rolled on the thighs of virgins.
Truth: This is an absurd concept which sounds interesting and amusing to some, but is not grounded in reality.

Cuban Seed
Myth: Cuban Seed = Quality

Truth: Cuban Seeds, grown inside or outside of Cuba, can produce both good and bad cigars. There is no direct correlation between product quality and Cuban Seeds. There are far too many variables impacting the quality of tobacco and cigars, like soil, climate, rain, fermentation, blending, rolling, etc... This myth was started after the American embargo on Cuba when cigar makers wanted to enhance the perceived value and quality of their own brands.
Refrigerate Cigars
: Keeping cigars in your household refrigerator will keep them fresh.

Truth: Refrigerators are far too dry to keep cigars optimally conditioned and the more humid "crisper" drawer is also inadequate.

Maduros Are Stronger
Myth: Dark Maduro wrappers give consumers the impression that Maduro cigars are stronger.
Truth: While Maduros undergo a longer Fermentation, they do not increase in strength, rather they become richer and a little sweeter, as the sugars develop.
Cigar Rights of America
 *  "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"
*  "Land of the Free"
*  "No Taxation Without  Representation"

These are the principles on which America was founded. Unfortunately for cigar enthusiasts, the age-old pleasure of enjoying a cigar is under attack. On a daily basis, your freedom to enjoy a cigar is being stripped away by an overzealous, anti-smoking movement. Their tactics are varied; be it through supporting onerous cigar taxes or lobbying government for restrictive smoking bans. The anti-smoking movement will stop at nothing short of the complete prohibition of tobacco.

The Declaration of Independence of the United States ensures that all men and women have the freedom and the right to the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, cigar enthusiasts have slowly allowed these rights to be removed. Over the past twenty years, the anti-tobacco movement has broadened their reach and scope and are moving towards abolishing ALL forms of tobacco including cigars. Until recently there has essentially been very little organized opposition to their actions. And why should there have been? Most of us assumed that their attention was directed towards cigarettes.
Unfortunately, we were wrong.
This organization is sponsored by most of the major cigar companies and is consumer oriented.  It would be in our best interests to support them by becoming a member and stay informed about upcoming issues.
Go to to sign up!
Judge Issues Key Ruling Overturning FDA Ban on Color Advertising 
   In this decision, U.S. District Court Judge Joseph McKinley, Jr. ruled that the regulation requiring all cigarette and smokeless tobacco advertisements be in black text on a white background violated the longstanding constitutional free speech protections afforded to commercial advertisements.   
 The government's contrary suggestion-that all use of images in tobacco labels and advertising create non-informative associations of the sort likely to encourage minors to use a tobacco product-is plainly wrong."
As new information develops we will update you.
Pipe Corner

Burley tobaccos are popular for both cigarettes and pipe tobacco blends.  Originally a genetic offspring of a Virginia varietal, Burley plants are a little smaller than their ancestors but they produce similarly broad leaves. 

Burley is naturally Air-Cured in a process that lasts between four to eight weeks: no heat or smoke is added.  The result is a light reddish to dark brown leaf with a low sugar content and a mildly rich (nutty or cocoa) flavor approaching similarity to cigar tobaccos (dark, air-cured).  Burley is the second most popular pipe tobacco in the world because it burns evenly, stays cool, doesn't bite, and readily absorbs flavorings.
Because of this it is used widely in blending to make unique styles as it absorbs and enhances other flavors. 
Ladies Night Out
Cigars and Poker
The KUBA KUBA cigar is made by Drew Estates, out of the ACID line. This cigar is made with essential oils and floral botanicals. The description of floral botanicals is what peeked my interest, and as soon as I put the cigar to my lips, before cutting the cap, I could taste them! This was a pleasent start to this cigar. No question about it, this one has your tastes buds talking before you even light it.
The KUBA KUBA has been the talk of the cigar community, with the unique blend and flavors. After I began smoking the cigar I could tell the oils and botanicals were complimenting the smoke perfectly. Like always, I like to check how the ashes and the burn are doing about an inch in and both were doing very well. This cigar is said to be mello rich flavors, sweet tastes and captivating aromas and I could not explain it better. As I was about half way through, the oils and botanicals became stronger, and in my opinion even better!
I like to play poker, and from the moment I pulled this cigar out of the wrapper all my friends were asking about it. The KUBA KUBA was the center of attention, and stayed that way even after I finished it.
I like this cigar for another reason, through out my game I would have to set down this cigar a few times and it did not go out. I didn't set it down long, but for the minute I did, the fact I didn't have to relight it was a big plus! With the flavors and slow burn, I can say this cigar is my top for my poker parties, but would enjoy it any other place and time. All the great talk about this cigar is well deserved in my opinion. If you want to try a cigar that is new, inviting, and a crowd pleaser you should pick up one of these!
Sharon Rainer
TJ Newsletter
Belton, Texas
Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970

Once regarded as one of the finest cigars in the world, this is a brand that was all but destroyed by Nicaragua's civil war. Reprised by Tobaccos Puros de Nicaragua, S.A. in 2002, the new Antaņo 1970 is a potent blend of Nicaraguan black tobaccos wrapped in a dark rosado-hued Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper. Extremely peppery on the palate, this is a very powerful cigar that is overwhelming to most, while perfect for those who crave the very strongest of smokes. 

Antano in Spanish means "yesteryear", a word that perfectly expresses the soul of the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970. The new sought after Antano Dark Corojo is now available at our Temple store only!
Tobacco Junction is a family owned business here in Texas and have been here since 1997.  It is always a pleasure to visit with everyone, if you have any questions or concerns please ask for me personally, I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
David Livingston
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