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December 1, 2009
 Happy Holidays from all of here at Tobacco Junction!
All of here are wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season.  We have been flooded with cigar gift packs for everyone and plan to make this a very memorable season. 
We have a great staff that is knowlegeable and ready to serve you.  Just visit our stores in Temple, Gatesville and McGregor to find that perfect gift and make your season as memorable as ours will be.  Currently we are building our website and the address will be  Make sure and read our January edition for a BIG announcement!  As always if you need a specific question answered just email me at
This newsletter will keep you informed as to what we are up to and bring you information on new products, events, and legislative updates that affect our passion for Fine Tobaccos.
November 13, 14, and 15 2009

Our Big Smoke evening was Friday night and it was a blast!  I was suprised to find many of our customers there from the Temple area and we all took full advantage of the companies there.  Each person was given a coupon book and you give the respective coupon to the company and they give you a cigar.  Some of the companies were Rocky Patel, CAO, General Cigar, Oliva, Cusano and Arturo Fuente just to name a few.  One advantage of going with a spouse is double the cigars!  Intermixed with the cigar companies were the liquor companies.  Jack Daniels had their Gentleman Jack blend and it was very smooth.  Everything was a cigar lovers Christmas basket, food, music and a place to sit and catch up on who you missed on the first go-around. 
After the Big Smoke evening there were seminars on both Saturday and Sunday.  If you have not attended a Big Smoke event I highly recommend going to the seminars.  They are consumer oriented and very entertaining.  For instance on Saturday we received one each of the top three rated cigars of 2008.  Each of the companies took turns telling a story as to how the cigar concept was made, and how they came to be where they are. 
If anyone has visited Cigar Aficianado online you may have watched their videos, an overview of these was quite entertaining.
James Suckling with Cigar Aficianado gave an interesting speech on the status of Cuba and the cigar production and distribution thereof.  It seems even with the embargo the US is still the 10th largest trading partner with Cuba. 
The last seminar on Saturday was lunch with the Fuente family.  We were given cigars at the door and one of these was an OPUS X, aged 15 years and had not made it to production.  Lunch was a salad, grilled ribeye and a very nice wine, with a mousee and red wine chutney for desert.  The Fuente family gave a very nice presentation and afterwards we visited with several people from around the country.
Sunday was interesting.  We started with a breakfast served by Charlie Palmer, a famous steak house restauranteur.  The breakfast started with a bloody mary and consisted of a poached egg, potatoes, breaded ham and coffee.  Mr. Palmer shared some of his cooking techniques and then we returned upstairs for more cigar stuff.
Ever rolled your own cigar?  Well you get a chance here and I will tell you it is not as easy as it may look.  The only thing most of us made only resembled something round!  And then it was bourbon.  I'm not sure but I think the panel started way before we did.  We were each given five glasses with a different bourbon in it.  Eagle Rare, Makers Mark, Woodford Reserve to name three.  The cigar was a Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 and was a good pairing with each.  The Makers Mark was a favorite with a long finish which complimented the finish of the cigar.
I recommend anyone who has a chance should go the next big smoke, get some friends together and make it a weekend get-a-way.  I promise you will enjoy it.
Cigar 101
Taking care of your favorite Cigar - Humidors

 The reason for a good humidor is clear.  If you are going to make an investment in a good cigar you should make sure it has a place to sit in a proper environment until you are ready to smoke it.  Cigars will pick up any volitile aroma it gets close to.  It is virgin tobacco and will absorb any flavors it comes in contact with for any period of time.  Non-aromatic cedar is used in humidors as it helps age the cigar well, and takes a high humidity without molding or warping.
The humidity should be maintained between 68% and 72% to start.  Your personal preference may differ, but the point is to keep the oils active in the cigars.  Hygrometers are nice but the feel of the cigar should be what you check to see if the humidor needs more or less moisture. 
Remember that every time you open the lid to the humidor you equalize the humidity with the surrounding air.  The humidification device has to humidify the air, the cigars, and the cedar.  If the air or the cedar is dry it will pull moisture out of the cigars.  Be sure that your humidifier is capable of providing moisture for all three. 
Legislative Update 
Cigar Rights of America 

Cigar Rights of America (CRA) was founded on the principle of fighting for the freedom to enjoy cigars.

CRA is a consumer-based, non-profit public advocacy organization that works at the local, state, and federal level of government to protect the freedoms of cigar enthusiasts.
Together, with our constituency of nationwide members, we focus our fight for freedom in two main areas:

  Oppose Restrictive Smoking Bans 
  Oppose Taxation of Cigars
Most of the large Cigar Companies endorse this organization.  We have been fortunate that most of the attention has been focused on cigarettes, but no longer. 
It will only be by the efforts of people like us who stand up and tell those in office what we want will we get what we want, and that is to enjoy fine tobacco.
Most do not know that there was an initial $10.00 PER CIGAR included with the SCHIP bill, but due to the efforts of the cigar companies and even letters from some South American countries it was taken down to the current cap of 41 cents a stick. 
These efforts do work, the only question is what your part will be.
Pipe Corner
Pipe Tobacco Club is Back!
In our pipe tobacco club, our customers can purchase 5 lbs of premium pipe tobacco and get a 4oz bag free.  The 5 lbs is tracked by individual purchases and we keep the record so you do not have to.  When your purchases reach the 5lb mark you get a 4oz bag free!
In addition, each person participating gets 5% off any pipe purchase.
We have introduced flavors by CAO in Tins.  The new flavors are Moontrance, Cherrry Bomb, Bella Vanilla, Eileen's Dream!
Christmas Specials
Many Specials to choose from!

*  Macanudo, Partagas, and LaGloria 6-pack with lighter $39.99 
*  Hoyo de Monterrey "Books" with 8 cigars $39.99
*  Cusano four packs $8.50
*  Macanudo Vintage cigars with humidor just $145.00
*  LaGloria 3-pk $15.50
*  CAO Humidor with 10 cigars $69.95
*  Uppercut 3-pk $10.99
*  Partagas Decadas w/metal holder
*  Cohiba 6-pk with lighter $69.95
*  Cuesta Rey Gift packs
*  Macanudo 10 pk with free ashtray $58.00
*  Hoyo de Monterrey B3G1 golf set
Ever done ACID?
Drew Estates

Even I was reluctant to try an ACID cigar.  The name alone was enough to scare me off. A friend of mine suggested them so I tried them.  Now I recommend them to anyone who has a palate for something sweet.  These cigars are not flavored, they are infused with various things such as the ACID ONE.  They are infused with a slurry of 5 different red wines.  The ACID KUBA KUBA is the number one selling ACID and is infused with essential oils and botanicals, very sweet and a quality cigar. 
I would venture to guess even a regular cigar smoker would enjoy a break with an ACID cigar now and again.  Drew Estates makes the ACID line as well as the Tabak, Natural, and Chateau Real. 
Cuvee Salomon by Cusano Cigars
Ever wonder what a $12.00 cigar tastes like?  Well here is your chance!  Due to an overstock order at Cusano we got these at a steal, and I am going to pass along the savings to you!  These cigars are aged and are the result of up to eight primings instead of the usual three or four in other brands.  They have a earthy, woody taste and sport a healthy 7 1/4 X 57 ring guage.  This will only last for as long as we hold out stock so hurry!
Our Price: $ 5.99
List Price: $ 11.99
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Tobacco Junction is a family owned business here in Texas.  It is always a pleasure to visit with everyone, if you have any questions or concerns please ask for me personally, I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
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