Steve Sappington CommunicationsJuly 2012

Happy July, Everyone! And to those of you in America, Happy Independence Day!


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I have 2 quick book recommendations for you this month. First, please read Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. This book is packed with well-researched information about how most Americans are overfed and undernourished.

Dr. Fuhrman provides massive amounts of data about nutrition, as well as numerous testimonials from people who have had all kinds of physical "miracles," simply by changing what they eat. 


Fuhrman states that it's not how much we eat that makes us fat, it's what we eat. While eating large amounts of the right foods, Fuhrman's patients not only achieved their ideal weight, but in the process they also reversed or improved all kinds of medical challenges: everything from osteoporosis, arthritis and migraines to cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer. I'm not a doctor, but Fuhrman is, and I highly recommend his book:


The second book is Start with Why by Simon Sinek:


For a great introduction to Sinek's ideas, I also recommend this 18 minute video:  


Sinek points to uncommonly successful leaders such as Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers, as well as great companies such as Apple, and he says that they differentiate themselves by first knowing and sharing "why" they do what they do. 


By contrast, most people and most companies try to differentiate their product or service with "what" and "how" they are better. I highly encourage you at least to watch the video. If you relate to this information as I did, then I think you'll join me in discovering your own "why." Please share with me what you find.


Until August,


Steve Sappington