Steve Sappington CommunicationsMay 2012

Happy May, Everyone!

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This month I'm going to continue with some quotes from Graham Cooke, whose material continues to astonish me. You can find out more about him at or

I had planned to listen and transcribe the key ideas from an entire series of his, but the quotes below were gleaned in less than 10 minutes, from his "Overcoming Negativity through Rest" series!

"If you meet an accusation with an accusation, you do the work of the Accuser."

(From 2 Samuel 22:20) "The enemy wants to constrict and restrict us. God's favor gets us out of the box."

"Jesus took your problems to Hell and left them there. Therefore don't let the enemy Fed Ex your old identity back to you from Hell."

"The Old Testament is about visitation. The New Testament is about habitation. So make favor a lifestyle, not an event. Ask God, "What is your highest good for me at this time?"

"Favor changes your character, upgrades your relationship with God, focuses you on Jesus' intentional bias toward you, focuses you on the fact there is a divine advantage for you in the Spirit, and equals the esteem of Heaven for all those in Christ."

"When the enemy challenges God's affection for us, we need to move into God's passion."

"Your favor will be contested, but the whole point of it is so you can grow in expectation."

"Favor occurs when you are in Jesus regardless of circumstances."

(And this one reminds me of football!) "Favor is the capacity to overcome by learning to receive under pressure."

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Steve Sappington