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Happy December, Everyone!




We hope you have a blessed Christmas, and that this entire holiday season is your best yet! If you are receiving this for the first time, it's probably because we recently connected on Facebook. If you don't enjoy the newsletter, you can unsubscribe below. 



Next, here's plug for a company my wife discovered. Their product, "Exxant," has done more to eliminate fire ants than anything else Anna has tried. The company is located in Wichita Falls, TX. Here is their contact information: Call 800 527-1616, and ask for David West. (Don't let the guitars and other music items on their website confuse you. That's their main business, but they discovered Exxant and wanted to make it available to customers.)







Here's an update concerning our work in Africa: one of the first projects that we believe we are to begin is to help build cement basketball "courts" for some of the churches we toured in Guinea. There is very little paved ground in most Conakry neighborhoods, and the bare ground is very rocky and unsuitable for playing basketball. By providing these paved areas, we will open up new ministry opportunities for the churches, which will also help to keep more children off the "streets."



If you would like to donate towards this project, you can send a check to 7 Cord Ministries, PO Box 21836, Waco, TX 76702. Or you can make an online donation by clicking on this Pay Pal link:

Donations are tax deductible.


And if there are any of you who have expertise in working with cement, or if you have information about where to find the best prices on ready-mix cement, we would greatly appreciate your contacting us. Call Steve or Anna at 254 751-0565. This is a totally new endeavor for us, and our goal is to make the buying and shipping processes as cost-effective as possible, so we would appreciate your wisdom!


Also, if any of you have expertise in solar or wind technology, or if you know where to find great prices on 5 KVA diesel generators, that would be helpful. And of course, donations of all the above-mentioned equipment are welcome, too. One more thing: we may need to provide some tin roofing in order to keep the bags dry over there, if they have to be stored during the rainy season, which is typically May through October.







Here's one last bit of information that has really blessed us. Visit, and then search for previous telecasts. Rabbi Jonathan Bernis is a Messianic Rabbi who addresses some phenomenal benefits of the Hebrew language. We highly recommend that you watch that episode. All of Sid's guests are remarkable, but this particular show was especially good.


Until Next Year!







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