Steve Sappington CommunicationsOctober 2011




Happy October, Everyone!

If this is your first email from me, it probably means that we have recently connected via social media. I send out a monthly newsletter, and if it doesn't bless you, you can unsubscribe below.

Be sure to email me or send me a social media message if there is something my family and I can pray for you in your situation. I would appreciate your prayers for me, for safe travel and wisdom this month, as I take the biggest adventure I've had in a number of years. I'll give you more details in the next newsletter, or for those of you who plan to go to OBU's Homecoming in November, if you catch me there, I'll tell you more.

This newsletter will be brief, but I have some really good recommendations for you. First, there are a couple of movies out currently that I highly recommend: 1)Seven Days in Utopia(with Robert Duvall) by Baylor grad David L. Cook,; and 2)Courageous, by Sherwood Pictures (, who also didFireproof, Facing the Giants,andFlywheel.Check out the opening scene here (it's a good one!):

I read a couple of books in September that were "page turners": 1)The Prophet of Vail Mountain (, by Fred Sellers, Jr., who is from my hometown of Mangum, Oklahoma, and 2)Based upon a Lie, by Robert Beaudine, which is a really different take on "conspiracy theories":

And lastly, here are 2 Youtube links to songs that should bless you: Natalie Grant'sYour Great Name, and Hillsong'sNone but Jesus, 2 songs really help remind me that focusing on God produces much better results than selfishness.

If any of you have financial topics, books, movies or tunes you'd like me to consider for a future newsletter, please contact me.

Blessings until next month,