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Happy September, Everyone!


I hope you all got to see the Baylor vs. TCU game last night-what a game! For those of you who may wonder why you're receiving this, I add most of my social media contacts to this list, and send out a monthly newsletter. If you don't enjoy the letter, you can unsubscribe below.


The purpose of this newsletter is to share with you 2 books and a internet link that have recently blessed me.


Mark Verkler's book is entitled Prayers that Heal the Heart. I highly recommend it. Mark's website is In the book, Mark discusses how to pray more effectively by dismantling 7 types of strongholds that may be hindering us.



One of the highlights of the book for me is Mark's explanation of a simple 4-step process that allows us to communicate effectively with God. In fact, the "cwg" in Mark's URL stands for "Communicating with God." Some of you readers may find it hard to believe that we can communicate with God, but my question back to you is, "What have you got to lose by trying?" 


Another author I recently discovered is John L. Moore, who is a rancher, author, and photographer living in eastern Montana. So far I've read 2 of his books, but I've already ordered them all! John's website is On his website there are beautiful scenes from his part of the country. There are also links to numerous articles he has written.



Perhaps I enjoy John's work because we are about the same age, we both went through a rebellious time in our 20's, and we both love the land. But I think you will find his imagery to be first class, and his work provides great insights into many areas of life, all while set in the Great America West. 


Let me share one other link that I think you'll enjoy if you're interested in Biblical prophecy, particularly as it applies to U.S. and global events over the rest of this decade. Sid Roth is a Messianic Jew who has a weekly show on TBN. His guest this week was Chuck Pierce, who correctly prophesied in 2005 that America's next President would be a black man. See what Chuck has to say about the next few years! 


Please pray for us, and email us if there is something specific we can be praying for you.


Until next month,