Steve Sappington CommunicationsNovember 2010



Happy November!

This time of year is one of my favorites (although I can always find something to enjoy and be thankful for!).  We've had a beautiful fall here in central Texas, and I'm looking forward to a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Before I go any further, for those of you who are new to my list:  if we're connected via Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, I may have added you to this monthly newsletter list.  Take a look at this month's issue, and if it doesn't bless you, you can "unsubscribe" below.

This month, as usual, I plan to cover a wide variety of topics that I hope will motivate, enlighten, and/or enrich you.

First, I want to recommend 2 books to you.  The first is entitled Raised from the Dead: A Doctor Encounters the Miraculous, by Chauncey Crandall, M.D.  This is an outstanding book!  Dr. Crandall takes us from his high school years in the late 60's up through the 1st decade of the 21st Century, transparently revealing his successes and failures, his heartbreaks and triumphs, all within the context of medicine and faith.  In his efforts to give his patients "the best of medicine and the best of Jesus," he shares a roller coaster of emotional events, ranging from his teen-aged son's death by cancer to his conversation with a man who planned to commit suicide after he left Dr. Crandall's office.  Here's the link, if you want to order online:

The second book, for those of you looking for some inspiration,, made me realize how insignificant my puny problems were, compared to what these 28 men survived.  The book is Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage, by Alfred Lansing, and it details the lives of 28 men who were shipwrecked in Antarctica in 1915, and subsequently stranded for 17 months.  I've been told that explorer Ernest Shackleton has been called one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century.  I've also been told that the accounts of the journey by Captain Frank Worsley are outstanding:


For those of you in Central Texas, I invite you to attend our company's annual Christmas Party.  It will be an all day, come and go event, held at the Waco Chamber of Commerce, 101 S. 3rd Street in downtown Waco.  We will have great snacks all day, but at noon we will have some great organic food prepared by Sergio Garcia of Siete Mares.  Brenda Harris from Lincoln Financial Group will share with us some potential ways to replace income that you may once have received from bonds and CD's.

Later that afternoon, Archie Hughes from CNL will be sharing other income and growth strategies.  So if you're searching for a potential pay raise, or if you're looking for some great food and fellowship, call or email us before Thanksgiving to make sure we order enough food for everyone.  We'll also be happy to visit with you about other economic and financial topics, whether it's legislation, inflation, the price of oil and gold, or whatever's on your mind.  (254 751-0565 or


I noticed that the iPad is now available for those of us who prefer Verizon to ATT.  I've had a Kindle for almost 2 years.  Here's a great article that explains why both should continue to do well, and why you might want one of each:,2817,2371429,00.asp.


For those of you who want to follow me on my websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, here are most of my links:                                                                                                        

I recently used 3 social media formats to announce that within the next couple of months, a paperback version of my book should be available!  Go to for more information.


For those of you on the East Coast of the United States, be on the lookout for some groundbreaking products that clean AND kill germs without being harmful to the environment.  No other line of products can make this claim.  For more information, visit   And here's a great way to raise funds for your favorite charity or ministry, buying something that you probably buy already (except this is better, since it's alcohol-free):  hand sanitizer.  This link provides a video and instructions for how to register and establish a link that's unique to your ministry:


Finally, I would like to ask a favor.  We've been approached with an opportunity to add a not-for-profit educational arm to our financial practice.  I really like what I've heard so far:  I would offer a certain amount of my time simply to educate and advocate for financial information, helping people to understand various financial issues that confront most of us today in these formidable times.  

Those of you who've read many issues of my newsletters know that our family strongly believes that we should be givers.  So having an entity that does not charge for advice or information would serve 2 key purposes: 1) it would allow me to provide information to a wide variety of people, and 2) it would allow people to gain information without the fear that they are going to be "sold" something.

So I would appreciate feedback and suggestions on what you think about the idea of my adding this type of educational entity.  Also let me know if you think this information would best be presented one-on-one, in workshops, or in a family setting.

I hope you have a great November, and remember to thank God every day, not just on Thanksgiving!