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Taking Back Territory!

Hi, happy November to everybody!   My apologies for being a few days late with this month's newsletter.  I've been in Charlotte and Orlando, doing due diligence on an opportunity for the clients I serve.  I've added several new Facebook friends to this newsletter list, so if you'd prefer not to receive these, you can "unsubscribe" below.


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How do you think most people who attend church would say that God's purposes on earth are funded?  And how are these purposes accomplished? 

My sense is that most answers to the first question would include the word "giving."  And of course when we think of giving, we usually include words like "tithes" and "offerings."  I've heard somewhere that the typical church attendee gives about 2% of his or her income.  Now, before I go any further, and before some of you click "delete," let me assure you that this newsletter is not about tithing!

While in Orlando this week, I spent about an hour visiting with my Broker-Dealer, Glenn Repple.  Glenn and I have watched each other grow in our faith over the last 7+ years.  I really admire where Glenn is now in his walk with God.  It seems now that every time I'm with Glenn, I see more of Jesus and less of Glenn.  I hope that others will soon be able to say that of me.  I believe that's a worthwhile aspiration for us all.

Isn't it interesting how God sometimes juxtaposes seemingly unrelated circumstances in order to teach us?  On the one hand, Glenn and I discussed the increasing number of alternative opportunities that we're beginning to offer to the clients we serve.  On the other hand, I recalled a comment from a college friend, who told me that he is working with the "laity" in his state. 

What I believe is that God is using these and other circumstances to grow His Kingdom.  Here's why:  God has called all of us to minister, not just those who are "pastors" or "evangelists" by profession.  It looks to me like one of the major moves of God in the earth now is being done through Christian business people, both entrepreneurs and employees. 

For example, one of my best friends is a photographer.  Joe recently said this, "When I go to work, I minister, and in addition I may take a few pictures.  And when I go to the grocery store, I go to minister, and in addition I may buy some food."  So I'm not sure that "laity" is an accurate word for the Kingdom work we're presently called to do.

And let me "head off another thought at the pass":  just because our primary purpose is to be God's representatives, it does not follow that we should be so focused on ministering that we try to justify shoddy work in our careers.  No, God's word says that whatever we do in word or deed, we should do it as unto the Lord and not to people. (Col. 3:23)

I said all of that to say this.  Contrary to what most Christians evidently believe, we won't get God's work done by giving 2% or 10% or even 20% of our money and our efforts to God.  And it appears to me that most Christians are satisfied with 10% or less.  But here's the real eye-opener:  most churches feel great if their members give 10%!  I think God has something bigger in mind, and I'm not talking about your wallet.  I'm talking about taking back territory from the enemy.   Why not look at your job, your business, or your daily routines, and ask God what you should do differently? 

What if every employee in your firm asked God every day how God wants them to serve?  What if we asked God what we could say or do to transform a company?  What new policies should we implement?  What new products should we offer?  Why not "march around the walls" in your workplace until the non-biblical ways of doing business collapse?!    Do you think we might see less business-as-usual and more revival as more businesses became 100% God's territory?!  Would anyone besides me like to see and hear the media present some new, different headlines and news stories?  In case you don't have a calculator with you, I think I can safely say that 100% instead of 10% would make for some new headlines!!  (For more information, visit, and other links.  Find out what mountain God wants you to conquer!)

Why not spend some time this weekend asking God for just 3 things that you can do differently next week?  Then write me and let me know.  I'll pray for you, I'll eagerly wait to hear about your victories, and I'll share them with others, so that we can multiply them!  Emails and headlines can "go viral," so let's see a move of God "go viral"!

Vaya con Dios!

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