Steve Sappington Communications September 2009
Hi Everyone!
Thanks to all of you who have purchased Today's WORD on Money™, and welcome to our first newsletter. 
I want to share a few of what I call in my book "Paradigm Shifters and Action Points," in hopes that they will minister to you and also encourage you to tell others about us.

From Day 1,
"What if something you thought was true turned out NOT to be true?  When would you want to know that it was indeed not true?"  
"In what have you placed too much value or trust?  . . . Ask someone who knows you well if they see something that you've made more important than your relationship with God."
From Day 2,
"Seek out someone you know who might be willing to mentor you . . . .  Be ready and willing to mentor someone else, even if it's only for a moment, speaking an encouraging observation to them."
From Day 3,
"Make a list of at least 3 things that you sometimes forget to commit and dedicate to God.  Which one will you focus on, until you develop the habit of being a better steward?"
I could list many other things, but I know in my life it's often better to focus on just making 1 or 2 significant changes, rather than trying to attack a "laundry list" of changes and failing to accomplish anything at all.  Many of us have probably experienced this in the physical and health areas of our lives (remember January?).
Please let us know if you have questions about the book, or if there are topics you would like us to cover in our newsletters.  And please tell your friends and family about us, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or check out our blog.  We have added the capability for you to look at previous emails and to share them with others on your email list, this 1st email will be archived.
For years we have spoken to small and large church and civic groups.  There are a variety of topics mentioned in our book that we can speak on.  If you would like for us to speak to your group, call 254-751-0565, or email us at
And for those of you who would like to receive a copy of our e-book, but who don't have a PayPal account, please send a check for $12.95 ($14.02 in Texas) to Sappington Communications, 2341 Mt. Carmel Drive, Waco, TX 76710.  As soon as the check clears, we will email you a copy.

Finally, we have a prayer request.  We have been offered the opportunity to do a weekly TV show on a local Christian station.  We would appreciate your prayers as we determine what God would have us do regarding this show.  We're tentatively calling it Enriching People's Lives.

Thanks again for all your support!

2 Timothy 2:2

P.S.  Here's the link to a video we recorded, telling you more about the book: