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Trumba's powerful Custom Objects feature enhances

8 Limbs Yoga Centers website

Trumba's Custom Objects provides the flexibility to publish any content you would want to list, anywhere on your website.


8 Limbs Yoga Centers is one of many fitness centers making extensive use of Trumba's Custom Objects to enhance their website by publishing directories of multiple studio locations, class descriptions, and instructor biographies, all cross referenced with each other and with calendars for class schedules, workshops and more.



Instructor details link to class schedules and studio locations


With Custom Objects, searchable directories can be displayed on their own page and presented in custom views.  8 Limbs uses Custom Objects to track their master list of classes, instructors and locations.  Site visitors can select a studio location to see all classes offered at that yoga center.  8 Limbs also provides their audience with pop-up and detailed supporting information such as instructor biography details, all linked with their online calendar.

  Instructor detail pop-up

Custom Objects allows detailed, interactive information to be displayed and connected. Since the 8 Limbs website content is connected using Custom Objects, their site visitors can easily find related information.  The instructor bio page allows visitors to discover the classes and locations associated with each instructor. Similarly, selecting the studio page allows site visitors to view the classes and associated instructors offered at that particular location.


In addition, site visitors can select a list or map view to display high-level information about each studio location, or click on the studio name to see more detailed information including location description, map, class schedules for the studio, teacher information and more.


Studio location detail view with map thumbnail

linked to class schedule and instructor information


Custom objects also saves 8 Limbs time and money, eliminating data entry and reducing website maintenance.  Class data shared at multiple studio locations only needs to be entered once, and if information needs to be changed or added, all related content updates automatically.


With Trumba's Custom Objects, fitness centers and other organizations with multiple locations can easily integrate directories of schedules, instructors, venues and more with their online calendars.


To see how Trumba is enhancing their website go to 8 Limbs 


To learn more about Custom Objects go to Custom Objects

For more information about Trumba Connect contact Sales

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CustomNavCustom Navigation Buttons
 Design your calendar navigation
with custom images and icons
You can now use custom images for the previous and next page buttons in all of Trumba's calendar and custom object views, as well as the month datefinder spud. Views can be customized individually, giving you complete control over the navigation style in each view. You can provide different versions of each button, one for active buttons and another for inactive (or "grayed out") buttons.

Most of the Trumba calendar views include navigation buttons that contain the text for prev/next and look like this by default:


The Week, Month and Multi-Week calendar views use smaller arrows without the prev/next text, and the datefinder has a smaller version of those arrows, which look like this:


The custom object views have four different pager images (the
two outer images take you directly to the first and last pages):

Now, by
selecting from other icons or uploading your own images, you can easily customize any of these page buttons to match your brand and style preferences.


Wood Buffalo Municipality has customized their calendar navigation buttons and several other icons, adding color and visual interest to their calendar views and nicely integrating with their website design.



Custom navigation buttons are one of the many flexible options Trumba customers can use to create calendars that reflect their unique style and blend with their design.


For more information about Trumba Connect contact Sales 


SupportTop Support Topics
  Trumba goes mobile!
Do you love Trumba and your smart phone?

Don't miss another event! Now you can keep up on your smart phone with any event from your favorite Trumba calendars. Share these simple step-by-step instructions with your site visitors to ensure they are always up to date with all of your events. 


 iPhone set-up instructions: 

  1. Select "Settings" and then select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  2. Under the Accounts, select "Add Account"
  3. You should now see MS Exchange, mobileme, gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Other; select "Other"
  4. At the very bottom is a section for Calendars; select "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  5. The next screen will prompt you for a server; type in the link to the ICS file for the calendar, for example:"yourcalendarname".ics
  6. Click "Next" in the top right corner. On the next screen make any changes or keep the defaults and click Save in the upper right corner.
  7. Close the Settings, select your Calendar app and you will see a list of subscribed calendars, including the one you just added

Android set-up instructions:



To set up Android phones with Trumba events, first you need to install a third party iCal reader.  You will find free Android readers by searching for "iCal import".  All of these applications have an iCal URL setting that you need to specify as part of the initial configuration. Enter the iCal URL as shown above for the iPhone in the iCal URL setting of the iCal reader you installed.


More Trumba Smart Phone Tips

Did you know you can filter the events that are sent to your smart phone?  Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Use your web browser to navigate to your Trumba-powered web site. 
  2. Use the Trumba filter controls provided on the page to filter the view you want to send to your smart phone. 
  3. Right-click the iCal button at the top of the page and copy the URL to the clipboard.  The URL includes the filter parameters you set on the page using the UI.
  4. Type the URL into your smart phone's iCal configuration setting.  If the URL is too long you can paste it into a site like and get a shorter URL you can type into your smart phone.



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tech Trumba partners with YouTown

mobile app for government agencies 


Many of our city, county and government agency customers have been inquiring about mobile apps. We realized that partnering with a company that excels in the mobile app space would benefit our customers, who depend on Trumba's powerful tools for their calendars and event hosting solutions. We have recently partnered with YouTown so that we can provide customers with mobile functionality.



YouTown lets you connect with citizens in a format that is relevant and familiar to them. The best part is YouTown has done all the legwork so you can simply sign up and get mobile! The app keeps people up-to-date while on the go by uploading feeds, maps, and calendars to YouTown. Youtown fosters participation in your community with sharing and commenting features. They handle the improvement and development of the platform while your visitors enjoy the benefits of an informed, involved public.


You can learn more about YouTown at


For more information about Trumba Connect contact Sales 


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soundgraphdark  Client Services
Did you know that Trumba offers Client Services for consulting and implementation?

The best practice when getting started with Trumba is to build a clean calendar architecture from the beginning to avoid possible headaches as your calendar grows. 


Our Client Services team will work with you on designing your calendar structure. They can also work with you on new features like Custom Fields, Custom Event Types and Featured Events.


These services are offered to both new and existing Trumba customers for only $150.00 per hour. For those of you looking for more training on Trumba, contact Sales and they will help you come up with a package that meets your needs.