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Can I change the colors of my published calendar?

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pageone Trumba Introduces Referral Program!
Because we value 'getting the word out', we want to reward our
customers who help get the word out about Trumba.
      How it works:
To refer Trumba Connect, send an email to containing the person's contact information the name of their organization. If your referral brings us a new Trumba customer within one year, you will personally receive a $50.00 gift card and your organization will receive a free month for one Trumba Connect publisher account (a $100 retail value).
      Award Options:  
         Along with a free month subscription of Trumba Connect for  
         your organization, you will also receive a $50 gift card
         from your choice of one of the following retailers:  

          Home Depot

See our website for complete details.
Thanks for helping us get the word out.
 -Your Trumba Team
FeaturedCust Featured Customer


The City of Ogden, Utah and other Ogden entities are an excellent example of multiple organizations sharing events from their calendars to achieve a comprehensive listing of events while at the same time allowing  each organization the autonomy to control their own calendar.
Several sites are still being developed but most are live and we encourage you to explore these sites to see the power of collaboration when promoting events.

"Trumba has provided a tool for us to keep residents, businesses, and tourist alike informed of upcoming events in the Greater Ogden area.  That's a given, but what's more important is the way Trumba has been the vehicle to bring together organizations within our community with a common goal to work in tandem providing the information each of our respective customers seek.  The result is a one-stop-shop calendar that gives users a sense of continuity and togetherness in our community.  Users now see each organization in the community as a cog in the overall production of a town with so much to do all the time. 


Thank you, Trumba, for surpassing our expectations."



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 Custom Objects

Our developers have been busy working on some exciting new features that will add a whole new dimension to what Trumba can do for your organization. 


Our new custom objects add-on service will let you track and publish a database of information related to your events including venues, performers, instructors or any data relevant to your organization.  Stay tuned because we have some exciting things coming soon.

QuestionssoundgraphdarkTop Support Question
 How do I edit the colors of my published calendars?
Some of you may be scratching your heads and thinking, "Where on earth do I customize my calendar colors?"  Editing calendar colors is an easy step-by-step process and our help topic on editing calendar colors will walk you right through it.  Keep in mind that the colors you are using in Trumba's backend (where you manage your calendars) are on a limited palate, but the published calendar colors are unlimited because you can use any hex value that you desire.
Here is a help topic on how to edit your calendar colors. If you are interested in more extensive help click here to get more details on client services
soundgraphdarkClient ServicesClientservices
Did you know that Trumba offers Client Services for consulting and implementation?
The best practice when getting started with Trumba is to build a clean calendar architecture from the beginning to avoid possible headaches as your calendar grows. 
Our Client Services team will work with you on designing your calendar structure. They can also work with you on new features like Custom Fields, Custom Event Types and Featured Events.
These services are offered to both new and existing Trumba customers for only $150.00 per hour. For those of you looking for more training on Trumba, contact sales and they will help you come up with a package that meets your needs.