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There's not an Australian in sight during this month's Olympic-themed TVC by P&G unfortunately!  

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In this clever ad, the emotional pride we connect with athletes is being linked to P&G products that mums use every day.

You will see the Olympic Rings feature and since the money companies invest in being able to do that is MASSIVE, they endeavour to capitalise in every way they can.

In this good example, multiple products are featured in one expensive ad!

RMS congratulate every athlete - especially the Aussies on a great effort.  You did us all proud!



Are you feeling Olympic?


It probably comes as no surprise that Olympic viewing was strong early in the first week of competition.

This was particularly evident in the early evening slot of 1830-2030 for days 2 and 3 of competition.

Numbers fell away sharply for days 4-6 but picked up again in the early viewing numbers for days 7 and 8.

News of Gold Medal success for some of our Australian competitors seems to have driven numbers back to WIN TV so far this week.

WIN TV would have to be happy with the increased commercial share for the week 31 of 2012 with 32.1 per cent of total share against GWN7's 37 per cent.


Until next month!


Glenn Doust & Ashley Pearce
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