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This month's TVC features a GREAT story really well told through the eyes of the youth we all wish we had never lost.  remote control


Clever punch line (if you like) gives the sales line more impact.


And like many ads these days, music plays an important part in creating a mood and producing a sonic trigger.  


Before you check it out, Happy New Year from all of us here at RMS!  



And before you go, you might find the info below of interest... 




Talk to your customers on mobile 

Get your head around marketing via mobiles!

If there's one thing you do to improve your retail business in 2012, make it this.

Just before Christmas we heard about new research showing the rate of conversion from making an inquiry to buying something was many times higher via mobiles.

Very soon after the Fin Review reported that Australians were taking to shopping via their smartphones in droves - numbers tripling in the past 10 months.

Retailers were advised to ignore their mobile customers at their peril!
If you need help getting your head around this or any other kind of marketing issue, phone us on 9792 5944.
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