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Humour really works when the subject matter is based in fact.

The facts here are skewed somewhat, and that manages to make the ad funnier while driving home its point. Humour is not the only way to get a message across but when done well it is a great way for your ad to cut through.

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Glenn Doust & Ashley Pearce
Friends lending a hand


We love a good cause as much anyone, but when you cleverly mix charity with fun...we reckon you're onto a winner.

That's exactly what organisers of the Black Dog Ride do every year.

They raise awareness about depression while sharing a love of motorcycles. This year on August 21, bikers from around the country will take part in a ride to the Red Centre.

And two of our friends have thrown their support behind the event in a big way.
Forrest Personnel are sponsoring the event while the team at Lomax Media are creating a documentary about Black Dog Ride using footage collected during the 2010 ride.

Here's a sneak peak...
BDR 2010 PRV
BDR 2010 PRV
 Nice work guys!