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Sometimes the less you say... the more powerful your commercial!

This one has a kind of force. Pity we couldn't use it for our client Bunbury Volkswagen. That said, we haven't given up hope on that score just yet - even if it is an overseas model shown.

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PLAY THE TVC and Enjoy. 

On another note, I hate the Nanny state commercial currently running on TV about plain packaging for cigarette packets.

But it does prove one thing to me... Advertising works!

If Philip Morris and co are worried about how much sales of an ADDICTIVE product will be affected by plain packaging, you had better believe that branding, logos, colour and promotion of your product make a massive difference to sales.

If you need help with your marketing and getting you from plain packaging to demanding presentation, we can help.

And finally...In just 21 days, the long wait by regional WA television viewers for digital television will be over.

In a joint announcement, GWN7 and WIN Television said work at the Mt Lennard transmitter site was nearing completion.
From July 28, the Greater Bunbury area will receive digital signals for the three commercial television broadcasters and their digital multi-channels:
  • GWN7, 7Two and 7Mate
  • WIN, GO! and Gem
  • TenWest, OneHD and 11
Digital coverage will be progressively rolled out across the South West by December 2011, with the remainder of Regional WA in early 2012.
What does all this mean for your advertising? Phone us on 9792 5944 to discuss.

Until next month


Glenn Doust & Ashley Pearce