Using humour to make it stick...
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Reckon you've got a product that's hard to market? Hard to get people excited about?

Stone pavers? Fertiliser? Socks? Meat?

For every marketing conundrum, there's a clever fix. Consider the team preparing to sell the brand "Libra".

There's an ever-present cringe factor for many girls when discussing or being exposed to Libra products.

But the makers of this month's awesome TVC have used humour to cut through the cringe.

And they've done it, oh so well!!

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Now scroll down for analysis of TV audiences during the Ben Cousins documentary: Such is Life.
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Glenn Doust & Ashley Pearce
Audiences drawn to Ben's story...
* via our exclusive access to AGB Nielsen Overnight People Meter Data 

Buzz created by Channel 7s airing of the Ben Cousins documentary: Such is Life on August 25 and 26 was phenomenal.

Part One attracted big audiences across the country and Regional WA followed suit. The next day it was a hot topic of conversation.

The effect of that hype showed when on the second night, even more people tuned in to hear Ben and his family's frank accounts of the impact drugs had on their lives.

Thanks to our exclusive access to AGB Nielsen's television viewing audience data, we can tell you that the combined GWN over 18 audience of parts 1 and 2 was 222,240.

Night one recorded a TARP (Target Audience Rating Point) of 15.8 per cent in the over 18 population category for GWN.

That's enormous since an average TARP is around 6 per cent.

And on night two, the TARP climbed even higher to 21.1 per cent.

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